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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-10 10:00:00

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Should Roman Reigns not drop the Universal title until Wrestlemania... 38?

I can’t say when he should but in my opinion it shouldn’t be any time soon, for a few reasons.  One, he is great in his role and can still go a lot further with it.

I’ve listen to a lot of the Jim Cornette experience and I’ve heard a of praise that he gives to you guys at PWInsider.  What’s your take on his endorsement?

It’s appreciated!

Which Wrestlemania (38 or 39) opponent for Roman reigns would you like to see most?  Drew McIntyre, CM Punk or The Rock?

The story that writes itself is Roman vs. Rock for the Head Of The Table Title.

Is the Scottish warrior of bad nickname for Drew McIntyre?  There’s already been so many warriors in wrestling.  The Road Warriors, The Ultimate Warrior, The Celtic Warrior, hell even Low Ki considers himself a warrior.  Don’t you think it’s a bad idea for Drew McIntyre to share a nickname with Low Ki?  Or maybe they should fight for the nickname “Warrior.”

I can honestly tell you I never think of Low Ki when they call Drew that.  I don’t have an issue with it.  And unlike the other warriors, he has a weapon.

Where was Keith Lee for the Royal Rumble?

He had contact with someone that tested positive for COVID 19.

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