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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-09 10:00:00

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Dave, I just read your question about who should main event WrestleMania, and the reader believing that Sasha versus Bianca should. In your response you mentioned Roman Reigns should get the honor one night, but failed to mention Drew McIntyre or the WWE title. don't you believe that the Universal title should headline one night and the WWE Title headline the second?  I'm sorry but I believe those titles should be much more important than the Smackdown Women's Title being in a main event position. I don't think that just because of how things are in society should change the fact that those are the top two titles in WWE right now.

How things are in society?  What does that mean, that women are finally equal to men?  Well maybe to you they aren’t but to me, and more importantly WWE, they are.  To me, and WWE, there are four top titles, not two.  I think it’s fair to have a woman headline one night, and a man to headline the other.  You don’t, that’s fine.  But to me, I am glad WWE sees women being as important as men.  Clearly however, they have some work to do in getting some of their fans to agree with that.

In your opinion, is Brock Lesnar done with the WWE?

If I had to guess, I would say no.  WWE will pay him well to come back and work a limited schedule and it’s hard to turn down easy money.  He’s only 43 years old as well, so he still has some good years left.  If it were me, I would not bring him back until there are fans in the stands unless NBCU makes a hard push for them to do so.

From an audience reaction standpoint, was 2020 the perfect time to turn Roman Reigns heel?  When WWE had fans there was a chance they could start cheering the newly turned Roman, but now with the Thunderdome The only “crowd noise” you’ll hear for Roman is booing.

They definitely can control the crowd noise in Thunderdome, and that is a positive when it comes to having the stories “get” the desired reaction that they want.

Do you see a scenario where WWE sticks with the Thunderdome during TV tapings once we’re past Covid?  They now completely in control the “audience reaction” to their TV product, why would they want to give that up for a live audience that might reject what they put on TV?

No, I don’t.  For one thing, they know that the workers and the product need the fans to play off of.  For another, it makes no sense financially.

I know WWE pushes the brand over stars but with that said, it felt like The crowning of a new era at Wrestlemania when Drew McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar for the title, with Drew at the forefront as the top babyface (with Roman Reigns running the previous era from Wrestlemania 31-35.) However, then Roman comes back as a heel and has been doing his best work of his whole career, and honestly I think his angles are more compelling than Drew’s.  So my question is, who’s WWE is this?  Is Drew running the house like Hogan ran the WWF in the 80?  Or is it Roman’s house like Flair’s in the 80s NWA?

It’s kind of both to be honest.  But if you are going based off of numbers, Smackdown is outdrawing Raw.

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