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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-06 10:00:00

With the latest season for Total Bellas finishing, whatever happened to the Total Divas series?

They haven't made a new season in well over a year but they have not announced the reality series is done.  My guess is that with The Bellas spun off to their own show (which had an excellent most recent season) and with Ronda Rousey taking time off, they opted to pause the series and decide later as to when they will continue.  I think that with The Kardashians leaving for Disney, certainly E! would be far more interested in another WWE season.

Do you think WWE should go back and remove things that are retroactively offensive like The Twin Towers tag team name?

No.  They have an advisory before you watch old content.  You have to look at everything as a product of the time period it was created.

How did the 900 numbers make their money back in the day?

The entire idea was to keep you on the line as long as possible so they would put the most important/hyped piece of news or information all the way at the end of the call.   Once the Internet became a much more routine part of everyone's day top day world, they died out.

I want to start collecting autographs.  What's the best way to do that?

Well, in a normal world I would advise a convention but right now, I woud suggest accredited, legitimate dealers like and RingsideCollectibles as well as Pro Wrestling Tees.

Where did 1Wrestling go?  I am surprised you guys let it disappear given your past with it!

With Bob Ryder's passing, the site shuttered.  We had zero involvement in the site beyond January 2004 when this site was formed.  Both Dave Scherer and myself had conversations with Bob over the years about the old 1Wrestling audio library but we were told it was all lost during a server switch so if anyone has old audios we'd love to hear from you.    Bill Apter has continued his 1Wresting Video site.  It's unfortunate the site has shut down but other than cordial conversations with Bob from time to time we had nothing to do with the site.

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