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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-07 10:00:00

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If Jim Cornette (or Paul Heyman for that matter, since Many say they’re the same person) ran a wrestling organization with capital backing of a Tony Khan and a TV deal like AEW on TNT, would that wrestling organization successful?  In the 90s, they both had wrestling companies, but they had financial and distribution imitations, so take away the limitations.  Would a Paul Heyman or Jim Cornette run wrestling company do better or worse than AEW right now?

First off, Heyman and Cornette couldn't be any more different.  Anyone who says they are the same person is truly clueless.  What it comes down to with both is vision.  Heyman is more new age and I have no doubt that with a billionaire's money and control of the product, he would absolutely succeed.  Honestly, the thing that makes AEW like Raw to me is the booking.  If Heyman came in and cleaned that up, I think the company would grow.  Cornette is super smart and understands the business better than almost anyone.  I think he would succeed as well.  My only concern would be that he is extremely old school.  Us older guys have to realize that younger people are into different things than we are and if you want their eyeballs, you have to give them what they are interested in.

With Edge on Raw NXT still dropped in viewership.  Why do you think that is?

I can't say for sure but I think them not announcing on Raw that he would be on the show was a huge mistake.  He would have been a draw to the Raw viewers.  WWE should have made it clear, and made it clear often, that he would be appearing on NXT.

With regard to WWE network being sold to Peacock, will WWE still be in control of what gets loaded/launched on to the network?  As far as the library, and everything else?   Also since it will be under NBC does this mean possibly less edits in terms of rights fees with music, etc?

WWE did not sell the Network.  They will still run it.  They sold the rights to Peacock, there is a big difference.  WWE will be marketing the Network outside of the US.  They have said that essentially nothing will change.

With the new acquisition of WWE network by NBCU will they now be paying WWE in excess of over $400 million per year for Raw, NXT, and the network?

Again, they didn’t acquire the network but the answer is yes.  NBCU is paying $265M for Raw alone.  It’s been reported that they will get $200M a year for the right to the Network.

Do you think WWE will continue to produce and put out great effort in terms on content?  I ask because when it’s their own network they are chasing subscribers and promoting, but once Peacock takes over they are locked in as to what they are paid.  My fear is that maybe they get too comfortable and complacent.

You have nothing to worry about, for two reasons.  One, they are still selling the Network outside of the US.  But more importantly, they want to keep selling the rights to the Network after the deal with NBCU expires and if they can’t, they will have to take it back in house and be chasing subscribers again.  It’s in their best interest to keep the Network strong.

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