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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-02-04 15:56:00

Canadian gamblers are to see an impressive change in online casino gambling trends in the near future due to global mobile gambling trends that take over the world, and Canada will not be an exception. 

The point is, mobile use for all kinds of entertainment and gaming, including casino gambling, increases every year. More and more people both in Canada, and globally, start using their smartphones and tablets not only for phone calls and social networks, but for access to other types of platforms and websites, both for work and for fun. This way, mobile casinos in Canada get additional exposure, and this trend will increase this year. 

The point is, all mobile casino sites that want to be competitive in 2021, have to be mobile-compatible. This is a must-have feature for every online casino, no exceptions. Moreover, users are more likely to stay and play at online casino sites that actually offer official mobile applications for iOS and Android. 

Considering this global trend of increased mobile phone use for gambling, Canadian players will be able to benefit from a healthy number of other trends, connected directly to the development of mobile casinos. 

Exclusive Mobile Bonuses 

One of the very first trends the players can take advantage of is exclusive mobile bonuses, exclusive games, and other perks available for casino players only from their mobile phones, or via mobile application by the casino. More and more online casinos for Canada will start offering exclusive perks and promotions, in order to keep the players on their mobile platform, and get additional player info. 

The point is, players are more likely to stay, and use the mobile app more often for gambling, if they get some additional perks from this app. This is obvious. But why would a casino site offer any additional perks specifically to mobile users? The answer is simple - simply due to their nature, mobile applications provide more insights into users’ behavior, patterns of playing, and so on, which may be valuable for the casino to develop their business further. 

On PC, users often avoid answering any questionnaires, tick the boxes, and so on, because they can have their fun without bothering. However, high quality mobile applications for real money gambling are still rare, and devoted gamblers value them more, so they are ready to spend 5 minutes of their time to answer a question, send feedback about the app, etc. As a reward, they get an exclusive bonus, and everybody is happy. 

Cryptocurrency Mobile Casinos 

Those technologically advanced gamblers who want the utmost safety and reliability of their transactions, and who want to get the biggest return on their bets, choose cryptocurrency mobile casinos over fiat currency ones. 

The benefits of choosing mobile casinos over PC ones are obvious - availability anytime, anywhere, plus convenient and fast apps, plus exclusive bonuses and games. However, what Canadian gamblers are likely to see in the nearest future is mobile cryptocurrency casinos becoming heavily popular. 

The benefits of crypto for gambling may not be so obvious for the majority of gamblers, so listing them may be useful. Firstly, cryptocurrency cannot be blocked by a Canadian bank, that can reverse or suspend the transaction. Moreover, no bank is needed, because the transactions happen from ewallet to ewallet. Some online payment systems, let alone banks of Canada, tend to suspend transactions if they suspect the transaction is to or from an online casino, but crypto channels never do that. 

Secondly, crypto transactions are extremely safe, because they are transparent, can be easily tracked by the payer or payee, and can’t be reversed - to order a refund, a new transaction should be initiated. At the same time, the sensitive data is coded, and no third party can identify the payer or the payee. 

And eventually, depositing, betting, and withdrawing in crypto can be very profitable, especially if the player hits a good win. All these benefits make cryptocurrency online casinos in Canada more and more popular. 

Live Mobile Casinos 

 As the mobile casino technologies get more advanced, and as the mobile Internet connection becomes faster and of higher quality, more complicated (and heavier!) content can be enjoyed via smartphones and tablets. This makes Live Dealer casinos available for Canadian gamblers not only on PC sites, but also in mobile casino applications, which is a huge breakthrough in web casino gambling. 

Live Dealer casinos have been a huge trend for years already, for a healthy number of reasons. Live Dealer games create the impression of betting at a real land based casino house, but without actually visiting it. Live Dealers host table games, making a show out of it, and the games are streamed from Live Dealer facilities to online casinos that pay for access to the streaming. Customers of the web casinos, in their turn, can connect to the streaming as they deposit. They can play against the Live Dealer, communicate, socialize with other players at the same table if the game allows, and enjoy their betting much more than a classic automated casino site allows. 

These advantages of Live Dealer games make them so popular, and having those games available on mobile devices is truly exciting. More and more mobile applications add Live Dealer games to their games libraries. 

High Roller Mobile Casinos 

High roller casino sites are rare and hard to find, firstly, because few web casinos can afford handling huge deposits, bets, and withdrawals, and secondly, because most payment options offered by average casino sites handle really small transactions. The third reason why high roller casinos are so rare is casino operators playing it safe and not allowing big transactions to and from their sites. 

However, with emergence and development of safe, secure, reliable, and protected mobile casino applications for Canadians, Canadian bettors can now enjoy higher bets and higher payouts at high roller casino sites. This is a huge advantage, because the bigger the bet, the bigger is the win. Most sites only accept small tip-like sums, but the number of high-roller websites increases, and 2021 will see impressive growth of high roller options for mobile casino sites. If the players combine their high roller habits with cryptocurrency transactions, taking advantage of two top trends at the same time, they can transform their gambling for fun into profitable entertainment. 

Of course, when dealing with high roller casinos, the players should always pay attention to the reliability of the mobile application, and double-check the site’s license and legal information. However, Canada sees more and more licensed and certified online casinos, because only such reliable and secure sites tend to survive the brutal competition in the niche. 

Final Thoughts 

Following the top trends in the industry of online gambling is something many Canadian gamblers do, to always be aware of the latest potential benefits, bonuses, and perks! That makes total sense, because the industry of online gambling develops and changes so fast. 


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