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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-04 10:00:00

I have a question...while watching the Yokozuna Icons documentary, I don’t recall if the WWF(E) every explained or had a conclusion to the “mystery photographer” whose flash blinded Hogan for Yokozuna to regain the championship. I would assume it’s because Hogan was on his way out but it was quite obvious with the fake beard and sunglasses that it was a fake photographer and done on purpose.  Was there every a reveal or did the WWF(E) just move on from it?

It was never explained beyond it was a "Japanese photographer" with the idea he helped the Japanese star take out an American hero or something along those lines.  It was the 90s and you could get away with such goofiness in that time period.

1994 Royal Rumble: Bret Hart/Lex Luger  Both men eliminated each other at same time to become ’94 co-winners.  What is the Rumble you are speaking of that Owen won?  Was WWE doing house show versions of the Rumble or was this just a 30 man battle royal?

The Rumble I was referring to was made clear - it took place at a Madison Square Garden house show in January 1994.

I am starting to see some ECW discussion podcasts pop up.  Given that you hosted such a show for Highspots, are you upset others are encroaching on your territory?  Doesn't this hurt your show?

OK, so you have a lot for us to unpack here  First, we haven't produced a new season of Legends of Extreme since 2017.  Could such shows cut into new potential seasons?  Sure, but the reality is that piracy of the second and third seasons pretty much killed the show to begin with so it's a moot point.  Given that my interest and fandom of ECW led me to where we are right now - you asking and me answering this question - I would never begrudge anyone from wanting to talk about their ECW experiences or keep fans from listening and learning about ECW.  It was a special time and gifted me many times over.  I would be a complete hypocrite if I didn't want others to be gifted the same way.  Brian Myers, Blue Meanie and Joel Gertner are all doing some ECW-centric podcasts and I would encourage everyone to check them out and if they want more Legends of Extreme, go tell Highspots.  I am proud of the 30 episodes we did especially since all plans for the third season were thrown out the window due to talents being reshuffled literally minutes before we filmed - but I want any and all stories of ECW to be shared for fans who want to hear them.

Is there a Wrestlecon this April for Wrestlemania weekend?

No and for good reason!

Where did WWE find Jillian Hall??

Locally.  I am told she resides in Florida these days.

I am watching old footage and there are shows from the Brendan Byrd Arena in New Jersey...where is that?

Well it doesn't exist under that name anymore.  It later became the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ.

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