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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-01 18:45:00

During last night's WWE Royal Rumble Post-Game Show audio for the subscribers, we reported that last night's PPV would not be the last time musician Bad Bunny would be seen in WWE. can confirm that Bad Bunny will be appearing on tonight's Raw and will be continuing his angle with The Miz and John Morrison.  T

Booker T, the namesake of the song Bad Bunny performed last night on the Rumble PPV is not at tonight's Raw.    Bad Bunny nailed Miz and Morrison with a bodypress off the ropes shortly after Damian Priest eliminated them from the Rumble, so connecting Bunny and Priest on TV appears to be the plan going forward.  As PWInsider noted earlier today, Priest is at Raw. is also told that last night was not planned to be the final time we see Bad Bunny get physically involved with Miz and Morrison.

Bad Bunny is a massive Raggaeton Musician with tracks featuring Cardi B. and Drake, among others.  His debut album earned a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Music Album.  He has a massive Instagram following with over 30 million followers and his interaction with Miz and Morrison scored WWE attention on TMZ, Billboard and other outlets.  He was the first Latin Urban artist to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone last year and was part of last year's Super Bowl Halftime Show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.  He is a massive name in the Latin music scene, so this has crossover potential for WWE.

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