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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-03 10:00:00

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Regarding Undertaker’s comments, I can see why he might feel that way, but is soft the right word to use? Isn't it more that now there is more focus on health and safety, and so wrestlers aren't taking chair shots to the head, or allowed to wrestle with injuries or concussions, or doing the more risky moves or spots, etc. Plus society has changed since then, so the types of behaviours that may have been common place at that time might not be acceptable now. He could have just said it's different. Thoughts?

Wrestlers are not soft, let’s say that first.  Anyone that takes bumps for a living is super, super tough.  As for Taker, he came across like what he is, a 55 year old guy who is going into “back in my day” mode.  I would guess when he said soft he probably meant he thinks it was tougher back in his day.  Was it?  I don’t think so.   

Hey guys, I just saw in your report about Edge's return that he filmed it in a ring he has at his house.  Is it common for wrestlers to have a WWE branded ring at home?  If an Employee was terminated or ended up on bad terms, could WWE ask for the ring back?  I'm just imagining they wouldn't want to see their ring used (or abused) by another promotion.

More talents than you would expect have a ring or access to one.  As for the WWE markings, they are easily added to and removed from a ring.

Is there any news on Tessa Blanchard and where she might sign? If AEW is working with Impact, does that hurt her chances of signing with AEW?

Second question first, AEW won’t base who they sign on their arrangement with AEW so that’s a non-issue.  Beyond that?  Well I think anyone that does sign her will definitely have to take into account that Impact put their Title on her and she didn’t come back to lose it.  Whatever the circumstances are, not dropping a belt is a cardinal sin in the wrestling business.

If WWE's viewership is down and the shows itself are lame on an average, how is it that FOX and NBC Universal are willing to put up millions of dollars? Also, wouldn't it bother FOX that they made another deal with a competing network? I guess it's good for them, but the way Vince has been doing things lately I wouldn't give him a billion dollars, let alone $9.99.

You look at it from a hardcore fan perspective.  Look at it from a programming point of view.  FOX used to do around 500,000 viewers on Fridays.  Now they do 2 million plus.  And the show only costs about four million dollars a week to get those viewers.  It’s a deal for them.  USA takes the same approach.  And no, FOX doesn’t care about the competing network.  Remember, sports leagues do the same thing and the outlets cross promote each other.

With Ronda debuting at the end of the 2018 Royal Rumble, it was a natural decision to have the women's rumble match close the show.  If Ronda did not debut that night, do you think the women's match, being the first ever women's royal rumble match, would still have enough merit to have been booked to close the show over the men's rumble match?

Absolutely it would have.  The woman are easily the equal of the men.  As I type this on Sunday morning, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the women’s Rumble match was better than the men’s.  In fact, I would be kind of surprised if it isn’t!

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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