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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-02 10:00:00

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Just wanted to get your thoughts on why it is always Brian Pillman, Jr. that gets pinned instead of Griff Garrison?  Do you think AEW sees more in Garrison, or is it simply because Pillman is still under contract to MLW and will eat the pitfalls until he can be exclusive to AEW?

I hope that is the reason because they have used Pillman Jr. really poorly in AEW.  I hope it’s because they don’t have an exclusive with him (since he is indeed still signed with MLW) but even if that is the case, if they want to sign him long term they need to be careful about the damage they are doing to his character.

I was wondering if you know whether or not discussions in WWE have happened about getting rid of House Shows. Especially as now that they will be making the majority of their money now based on their TV deals. Although it would suck as a fan to not be able to go see some of the superstars in person I have to imagine that the time spent with their families as well as the lack of the usual wear and tear to their bodies during the pandemic has actually be very beneficial to the wrestlers in terms of mental and physical health.

We covered this a lot on the site in the last two weeks.  Nick Khan said house shows will continue post pandemic.  We shall see what happens.  I have made the point many times that they are a TV company now, first and foremost.  The health of the “actors”, which is in essence what the wrestlers are now, is imperative.  Running lowly attended loops just doesn’t seem smart to me.  As I said before, if it’s me I do sold big shows (like Saudi Arabia and India) and beyond that I do two house shows a week (when there isn’t a PPV) on Saturday and Sunday in large markets and I put the top matches on Raw and Smackdown on them.  I would also raise the pay of talents that don’t appear and would miss out on bonus money.

So I decided to listen to “Booker T“ by Bad Bunny after reading your article that he would be performing it at the Royal Rumble.  My question is, can you think of any good ways to mutilate yourself as an alternative to hearing that lousy song again this Sunday?

Mutilated myself?  No.  Look at the word use chose.  Take the first three letters and then add an E.  Hit the Mute button.  Easy peasy.

I’m excited about the WWE Network move to Peacock because I have both and I will save money and maybe even go ad-free. But how does FOX feel about this? They paid a lot of money for Smackdown and they still have the latest B show, but I would be annoyed that NBC ends up getting the right to air replays of Smackdown. Has there been any internal rumblings about this?

One, Smackdown is the A show right now both in terms of viewership and quality.  Two, it doesn’t matter to FOX where the replay airs.  They want the first run rights and that is what they have.

I like Alexa Bliss but I think her new character would have suited Nikki Cross better. Any idea what plans they have for Cross and Naomi?

Anyone who watched Nikki in NXT knows that playing a deranged character is something that she can definitely do.  But at this point Bliss is more marketable for WWE and if they make her possessed they can have her character be “supernaturally strong” which could minimize her smaller size.

Note: In an update from yesterday, John Cena and Batista hit the floor in 2005, causing Vince McMahon to storm out and restart the Royal Rumble match, tearing his quads in the process!

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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