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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-29 10:00:00

If you were going to pick a few surprises for the Royal Rumble this week, what would they be?

Well, the biggest surprises for the Women's Rumble would be Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch and it's certainly possible the likes of a Torrie Wilson, Alicia Fox, Melina and Eva Marie, etc. could pop up, but beyond them I'd love to see them pop everyone with a Victoria appearance.  Everyone else has had some sort of return/farewell appearance, so why not her?  

For the Men, the obviously biggest surprise would be CM Punk, but I'll go with something simpler.  Chances are Abyss and Sonjay Dutt have pretty much retired from the ring so I'd love to see WWE give them surprise appearances so they can check off they wrestled for WWE at least once.  Beyond those names, you've got Lars Sullivan who's been out missing for some time, Seth Rollins who hasn't returned yet from taking time off, etc.

Would The Miz own his name since it's derivative of his real last name? 

Yes but not because it's derivative.  He created it and used it prior to his time with WWE while he was on MTV, so he can easily lay claim to it legally.

I remember reading a story about someone who was under contract but WWE forgot he was under contract and then when he called them to suggest some ideas, he found himself released - is that true?

I can tell you that I know of at least one talent that happened to years ago, but since he admitted it to me off record, I won't state his name publicly.

Where's Bo Dallas?

Waiting at the bus stop in parts unknown, hoping in someone in WWE remembers he works there...or based on the last question, perhaps not!

I am curious if WWE has talents or employees sign NDAs?  I am always amazed at how Bruce Prichard can talk about old stories on his podcast or random writers can talk about their time in the company.  Can't WWE stop that?

It probably depends on the specific employee and whatever legal documents they signed.  My guess is that if the company fired someone and gave them a severance package, there was probably some form of NDA involved.  I don't believe they have something across the board or something that would last someone's lifetime.  In the case of Prichard, when he was brought back to be one of the top executives in the company, he specifically made sure he could continue his podcast, so it continues on.  I do know that unofficially, some talents are warned not to do "shoot interviews" knocking the company to make sure they keep the doors open for a potential return.

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