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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-22 10:00:00

I was just wandering since Impacts last pay per view over last weekend  when Matt Striker and D'Lo called the pay view and the Impact on Tuesday. What is the status going forward on Josh? Is he now backstage behind the scenes? Or did he also leave Impact after his wife retired?

Mathews has received a promotion and has moved up to producing TV and digital media from behind the scenes.  While it's possible he pops up on camera down the line in some form, he won't be the host going forward and will not regularly appear on television.  He is, however, still with the company.

I saw you reported Aleister Black is returning at the Rumble allegedly but can't find it on the site.  Did you pull a story?

No, I did not pull a story.  I never reported that.  An Elite subscriber asked where he went and I stated that he disappeared after the move to Smackdown and it very well could be they wanted him out of sight so they could reboot him and bring him back in dramatic fashion at the Rumble, since that's the new start of the year for storylines leading into Mania.  I then stated that if he isn't back by Rumble, you'd have to wonder why that is, since there's a huge upside to him that hasn't been tapped into since he left NXT.  THAT is what was stated, which all my opinion.

Every so often, you are asked who you think would make great autobiographies.  Do you think we'll ever see the McMahons write one?

No, I don't.  The Stephanie book was pulled for some reason and there's no sign of that resurrecting.  I think the closest we will get is the Vince McMahon Netflix documentary that is in the works.

Who ended up with the GFW taped after years of a lawsuit that I personally think was a waste of time?

Remains to be seen.  If the footage ever pops up on WWE Network, that means Jarrett ended up with the rights and flipped them.  If they pop up on Impact+, Impact ended up with them.

Whatever happened with the Randy Orton videogame tattoo lawsuit?

They are slated to go to trial in a few months.  COVID has pushed everything back for obvious reasons.

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