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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-21 10:00:00

What happened to EC3? He battled Moose three months ago, and after, hasn't been mentioned or seen on TV.

He was only with Impact through Bound for Glory and then moved onto Ring of Honor for a program with Jay Briscoe.  He was held off Final Battle due to COVID concerns so it's just a matter of when he is back.

With Joe Biden being the new President of the United States and his mention of controlling the pandemic as one of his top priorities, do you think it was premature for WWE to announce an in-person Wrestlemania this year, and he can override Florida's state governance on public events? How likely do you feel that may happen? And regardless of governance, do you feel WWE attempting to have fans is too early, at least for Wrestlemania in a little over two months?

The federal government can't stop the State from allowing events.  That's not how it works.   If the NFL is allowing fans in for games, there's no reason WWE can't do it in an open air stadium as well, as long as they set the proper safety protocols in place.  That is what the company is working on now.

Missed opportunity for Impact to sell a fragrance called Ring Rust?

Only if they wanted to have a warehouse full of unsold items.

If the Royal Rumble comes around, and protocols are still in place as they are now, how do you think the WWE will play out the actual rumble match(es)? I don't know what and if there is still a max amount of people allowed to gather at one time rule in Florida. But say there is, or if they aren't in the Amway Center by that time, do you think the Rumble will be pretty small in terms of people in the match? With four refs on each side of the ring to check the floor and the announcers sitting at ringside, that's not a lot of open slots.

Florida has zero maximum gathering rules currently.  My guess is that we'll see a certain number of people in the ring at one time but it won't be 20-30 folks at the same time.

Has there been any talk of more AWA on the WWE Network?

I haven't heard a definitive plan but certainly they want everything in their library available on the streaming service.



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