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By Dave Scherer on 2021-01-20 10:00:00

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Do you think Wrestlemania will happen in Tampa this year?  And if so do you think they would be able to make Axxess work safely?  I’m hoping so!

We already know that Mania will be in Tampa, as it should since they are already set up there and they will not be drawing fans from around the world.  There is NO WAY that they should do Axxess.  Doing it safely would be hard enough but there is no way I would expose my talents to fans, who may be carrying the virus, right before the biggest show of the year.  I wouldn’t do it if it was the smallest show of the year either.  We are in a pandemic.

I was reading the question in your Jan.12th column about removing President Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame. I was actually discussing this with someone and thought why start with him? Clearly others in the HOF have done things wrong such as Tammy Sytch's drunk driving and driving while intoxicated without a license and going to jail.  Then there's Hulk Hogan's racist comments, etc.  If you remove President Trump then others should be removed as well, otherwise it sends a message that they're willing to look the other way for some things and not others.  Am I right?

I think you are.  To me, anyone that embarrasses the company with their actions definitely should be, at least, considered for removal.

Is wrestling still considered a niche entity, even if it seems the "wrestling stigma" is lessening in the media and with public perception? If so, since wrestling is drawing similar ratings to pro basketball - which has the huge benefit of entire cities supporting their home teams and free promotion from local newscasts - would the NBA be considered a niche product as well?

FOX came after Smackdown and put it on Friday night.  It’s not niche anymore.  Now, is it because wrestling was elevated?  Probably not.  I think it’s more about it being so hard for shows to draw an audience now.  WWE does that so they have value.

Missed opportunity for Impact to sell a fragrance called Ring Rust?

No.  You only create a product if you can sell it (or you can find someone to pay you for the rights to a dud product).

Which running storyline/gag has been the most successful in terms of being interesting, the WWE 24/7 title or the wad of cash from Impact?

I loathe the 24-7 Title so I will go with the cash.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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