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By Dave Scherer on 2021-01-17 10:00:00

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Love your website! I visit it daily since 2003. I liked AEW a lot at the beginning but there are 2 things that annoy me and I want your opinion on them. 1-why is it every single match (or post-match) is ending with a bunch of wrestlers interfering? Literally every single match! It’s just like WCW during their end. 2-what do you think of every match having 4-5 high spots (especially the suicide dive and the moonsault), don’t you think it’s repetitive?

That is how the booker, Tony Khan, wants it.  I prefer more logical booking and not doing every spot possible in every match myself, but they have an audience that loves what they are doing so that is who they will keep catering to.

What are the marks on Tyler Breeze back?

They come from a cupping therapy that is supposed to help muscles perform better.  On NXT the announcers said it was a tribute to Dusty Rhodes, who of course wore polka dots in WWE.

Do you think it’s time for Undisputed Era to break up? And why isn’t Adam Cole chasing gold?

No, I don’t.  We have not seen them have a run as bad ass babyface.  I want to see that.  I love that they are having Kyle O’Reilly get his shot.  It shows that there are a couple of main-eventers in the group.  And Cole should want his brother to get his chance at the Title, right?

I really like Darby Allin and see potential in him, but after he was booked against Brian Cage I have lost a lot of interest.  Him repeatedly kicking out at 1 was totally unbelievable.  Who is he, The Undertaker from 30 years ago?

I couldn't agree more.  Take a beating?  Fine.  Kick out at 1 over and over?  No sell a crotch shot by Ricky Starks?  Not fine.  It was only made worse when Brian Cage got pinned after a few bumps that weren't even close to what Allin took.  That kind of booking is why AEW just lets me down so much of the time.  If people like it, great.  But I like things that make sense and that does not make sense.  What made it worse to me is that NXT did the same big man-little man match with WALTER and A-Kid and they nailed it perfectly in my opinion.  As I said above, I get that people like AEW but when I see matches like the main event that you mentioned, or Marko Stunt being super competitive with FTR, I just laugh because it’s totally unbelievable to me.  Smaller guys have a place in wrestling, for sure, but AEW was just ridiculous in how they booked these two this week.

What is the point of having so many former 6-time IC champions or 10-time tag team champions? It seems pointless, gratuitous, and reeks of lazy booking. I can see an occasional competitor, like the Miz, who has had different character incarnations and lasted 16 years with the company, winning the IC title 8 times as an exception. Nonetheless, don't you think one or two long reigns with secondary titles accomplishes so much more in terms of getting talent over? I can still recall milestone defenses from IC title reigns with the Honky Tonk Man, Mr. Perfect, Demolition and Bret Hart decades later - but Dolph Ziggler's 6 IC title reigns and New Day's 10 tag title reigns all seem like a blur - with very few distinguishing moments. Do you prefer longer title reigns or more overall reigns as a way to get talent over?

What you recall is from a bygone age, where TV was done to get you out to the house shows and PPVs, and also when talent moved around a lot.  Now, WWE has 7 hours of first run TV every week, and generally talent that will stay for a long time.  Things move much faster now, and that means Title changes.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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