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By Steven Fernandes on 2021-01-13 21:58:00

The new names mentioned in the press release for Superstar Spectacle are the Indian talents that were signed to the Performance Center last year in January. Gurvinder Singh has been renamed to Dilsher Shanky, Sukhwinder Grewal has beem renamed to Giant Zanjeer, and Laxmi Kant Rajpoot has been renamed to Guru Raaj. Their names have already been changed on the WWE Performance Center website. 

Tony Gill, who was recently assigned to the NXT UK brand, is the former Gursinder Singh of Desi Hit Squad in Impact Wrestling, trained by Lance Storm. He has been renamed to Rohan Raja on the WWE PC website. 

Coincidentally, Tony Gill was among the latest names WWE applied to trademark recently along with Ben Carter, Tino Sabbatelli, and Joshua Bruns. 

Emily Andzulis from Titan Games has been renamed to Ivy Nile, a name WWE applied to trademark some months ago. 

Rita Reis from Brazil has been renamed to Valentina Feroz, another name WWE applied to trademark recently. 

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