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By Cory Strode on 2021-01-13 20:08:00

It's Wednesday night and you know what that means.

It's time for AEW Dynamite at Daily's Place in Jacksonville Florida, our announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.  It's the second night of New Year's Smash, and we start with a video package of the rivalry and issues between Eddie Kingston and The Bastard Pac. Eddie, Butcher, Blade and Bunny are out first.  They then show the Winston attack on Penta and Pac backstage at the end of last week.  Eddie has a quick pre=-tape interview where he says he will send Pac back home.  

Next out is Pac on his own. 

Eddie Kingston vs Pac

Pac starts by tossing Eddie out of the ring and then leaping on him with a twisting Tope. Penta and Rey Fenix show to keep Butcher and Blade away.  Kingston goes back in the ring and Pac starts beating him down with kicks and blows in the corner.  Pac nails Eddie with a shotgun drop kick off the top rope and then glowers at him.  Pac keeps Eddie down with kicks.  Eddie is finally able to fight out of the corner and rolls Pac out of the ring.  

Bunny attacks Pac on the outside as Eddie distracts the ref.  Eddie goes out and hits Pac with a suplex, and the outside wrestlers face off, waiting to see if any of them will make a more.  Eddie rolls Pac in the ring and tries to cover.  Eddie is able to keep control with a neck hold on the mat, and then chops in the corner. Eddie keeps up the pressure on Pac until they trade blows in the middle of the ring.  Pac wins the exchange and hits Eddie with a suplex.

Both Pac and Eddie take time to regroup.  Pac is up first and nails Eddie with kicks to the chest.  Eddie leaps to his feet when Pac tries to come off the ropes, and nails Pac with kicks.  He hits Pac with a backdrop and covers Pac for a two count.  They take time to get up and when they do, Eddie is able to hit Pac with chops in the corner.  They battle in the corner, Eddie goes to the top and Pac nails him with an enziguiri type kick.  Pac climbs up with him and hits Eddie with a suplex from the top.  Pac covers for a two count.

Pac is up first and starts nailing Eddie with kicks as Eddie struggles to his feet.  Pac is able to toss him to the mat. As Pac goes for a move off the ropes, Eddie is able to get up and get a clothesline on Pac and covers for a two count.  Eddie sells his left arm/shoulder and when Eddie tries for a DDT, Pac holds onto the rope to block and then is able to take Eddie down.  Pac sets Eddie up for the Black Arrow, hits the move and covers him for the three count.

Your winner: Pac

Pac then locks on the brutalizer and as everyone comes into the ring, Pac releases it.  We have a standoff as Lance Archer rushes the ring.

Lance drives off Butch, Blade and Eddie.  Jack Roberts is with him and Archer and Pac go face to face and have words.

Lance goes to the back and we get a rundown of tonight's super packed show.

NO pause here as The Kentucky Gentleman, Chuck Taylor comes to the ring with Orange Cassidy.  We get commercials before Miro comes to the ring with Kip Sabian with a cardboard cutout of Trent and Penelope Ford.

Chuck Taylor vs Miro, and if Chuck loses, he has to be Miro's “Young Boy” until Kip Sabian's wedding.  

Chuck attacks Miro as soon as the bell rings, beating him down in the corner and then clotheslines him out  of the ring.  Chuck attacks Miro outside the ring and Miro stumbles back into the ring and Miro goes to the outside so Chuck can do a flip over the top one Miro outside the ring. The fight outside the ring continues with Chuck getting all of the offense.  Miro rolls back into the ring and Chuck climbs to the top.

Outside the ring, Kip attacks Cassidy and Chuck responds by coming down off the top and giving Kip a kick from the Apron.  Miro tries to capitalize and Chuck hits him with a knee to the jaw. Chuck runs and Miro for an attack, and Miro is able to get Chuck with a back body drop, and the tide has now turned.  

Miro beats Chuck down in the corner and hits another suplex on Chuck.  Miro nails Chuck with a leg lariat and then is able to get the thrust kick to Chuck's jaw.  Miro locks in the clutch, and Chuck tapps out

Your winner, Miro

Miro leans out of the ring and tells Orange Cassidy he's next.

Excalibur tells us that now Chuck will be Miro's Butler.

Backstage, Matt Hardy and Private Party are with Dasha.  Private Party starts to put over Matt until Marq Quen complains about the 30%.  Matt explains that they were nothing before him, and he is now in control of them.

Coming to the ring next is the Inner Circle.  We take a pause for the sing along to Jericho's entrance music and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Jericho says that  will be big for them and they will tell them their resolutions.

Jake Hager says Championships.

MJF says that he will continue the bonds with the inner circle and that fat people have to go.

Ortiz says his grandmother's sofrito recipe and learning how to throw down some other Mexican food I didn't catch.

Jericho says it is the year and he and MJF will win the AEW Tag Team championships.

Satana says that he and Ortiz were picked to the THE tag team in the Inner Circle.

Sammy calls Jericho a tag team slut.

MJF tries to calm things down and as people start to get angry, Jericho says they are top, sexy stars. Any of them can win the tag team championship;s.  He says just like Wardlkow and Hager blew steam off.  He says that next week, they will split into three teams to see who goes for the title.

And Yes, Sammy and Hager are a team.  Sammy Hager.

MJF says that they are the Inner Circle is better than you and you know it.

In the back, Alex Marvez is backstage with the Dark Order.  Evil Uno says that everything they do will be in Brodie Lee's name.  And next week, the Dark Order will team with Adam Page. Adam comes in, drink in hand and he is asked when he will join the Dark Order.  Page says next week, after the match, he will give his answer.

After commercials, we get a video recap of the issues between Brian Cage and Darby Allen.  Excalibur explains the issues between Taz and Darby between video clips.  

Backstage, Dasha is with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are there, and the band is back together. They agree to enter separately.  Kenny Omega gets his over-the-top entrance, this time on the heel side tunnel. Already in the ring are Griff Garrison, Brian Pillman Jr and Danny Limelight.

Don Callis has a mic and says he needs to be the ring announcer because it is a historic night as the band is back together. 

He then announces the Good Brothers, and backstage we see the Young Bucks are confused and disappointed.  

Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers vs Griff Garrison, Brian Pillman Jr and Danny Limelight

Omega and the Good Brothers rush their opponents and start beating them down both inside and outside the ring.  Omega is beating down Limelight in the ring, but Limelight is able to get in some limited offense on Omega before Gallows takes him out.  Pillman and Garrison come into the ring and clothesline Gallows over the top to the outside.

Limelight tags in Pillman and holds Omega's arm for Garrison to tag in and attack Omega's arm.  Limelight then tags in and gets a couple of moves in before being tossed to the ropes to take a kick to the back from Gallows.  Anderson tags in and keeps working over Limelight. 

We go to picture in picture and the beat down continues on the small screen. 

When we come back, Omega is slamming Limelight into the corner.  Limelight is able to walk to ropes and hits Omega with a Rana.  Limelight goes for the tag, but Omega stops him and hits a suplex. Limelight is able to escape the suplex and hits Omega with an enziguiri and then tags in Pillman. Pillman comes in hot with a diving shoulder tackle on Omega. He then takes down Anderson, who came in, and Gallows on the apron, runs over and tags in Garrison.

Garrison and Pillman hit Anderson with a heart attack and covers him for a two count. Garrison misses a leaping attack in the corner and Omega and Good Brothers are able to hit attacks on Garrison in the corner.  All three join to hit Garrison with a neck breaker and Anderson pins Garrison for a two count, broken up by Pillman and Limelight. 

Anderson hits a running boot on Garrison and covers for a two count.  Garrison is able to escape the gun stun and tags in Limelight who attacks Anderson with a series of kicks. Limelight walks the ropes and leaps and Anderson, who is able to turn it into a spine buster. Gallows and Aderson hit the Magic Killer as Omega guards the ring and Limelight takes the three count.

Your winner: Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers.

After the match ends, we get Jon Moxley's music and he's coming from the top of the stands.  He comes in the ring and goes at Omega and it doesn't take long for Omega and Good Brothers to take control.  Rey Fenix and Penta come in and attack to even up the odds.  The locker room clears to separate Omega and Mox.  The Young Bucks come into the ring to get between Mox and Omega.  

As they do, Penta and Phoenix attack the Bucks, and then the Good Brothers hit the ring.  As chaos continues in the ring, Omega and Don Callis leave the area.

We go to commercials.

Next up is The Waiting Room, introduced by Rebel who brings in Britt Baker.

Baker says that she will be interviewing Cody Rhodes about his time on The Go Big Show.  She tells a few bad jokes about Cody before bringing him onto the set. Baker and Rebel hold sparklers as they are contractually obligated to give Cody pyro.

She congratulates Cody on his going to be a father and says that the kid will have an action figure before she does.

Now THAT made me laugh.

Right before Cody says anything Baker introduces him to bring in Jake Cargill.  She heels Brandi and asks where her opponent is.  She also says when Brandi returns, she will beat her ass.  She shoves Cody away and Red Velvet comes onto the set.  Jade shoves Red and Red slaps her back.  IT'S A BRAWL ON THE SET!!  They get broken up, but Rebel gets tosses aside and Red attacks Jade again.  

As that fight gets broken up, we see video of Baker's attack on Thunder Rosa. This leads to a video of Thunder Rosa reminding her that they will be fighting soon on a big stage.  So, they will fight at Beach Break in February.  Baker screams it won't be happening and tells Tony that he said she didn't have to wrestle her.

Coming to the ring next is Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt with Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy has Tarzan Boy as his entrance music now.  FTR is next out to the ring with Tully Blanchard.  

Jungle Boy and Marko Stung vs FTR

The match starts with Stunt in the ring pacing and Cash grabs him and takes him to his corner.  Dax tags in and he is able to escape and tag in JB.  The ref has them go to their corners and Marko stays in and Dax.  They go to the corner and Marko slaps Dax, and Dax is able to beat him down in the corner.  Cash tags in and then hit Marko with a double slam.  

Cash works over Marko in the corner, then taunts JB and goes back to beating down Marko. Cash tosses Marko to the opposite corner and Marko tries for a moonsault, is caught, but is able to escape and spin through and then hit Cash with a drop kick, giving him time to tag in JB. JB hits Cash with an atomic drop with a follow up kick by Marko, Dax comes in to get the same thing, and then FTR is whipped into each other in the middle of the ring. FTR reverses it, but JB and Marko are able to get out of it without hitting each other, and Marko is tossed into Cash by JB. 

Marko hits a rana on Cash and rolls him out of the ring. Marko uses JB as a springboard and kicks Dax. JB and Marko then hit a pair of Topes onto FTR as we go to picture in picture.

On the small screen, they brawl outside the ring.  JB and Cash work in the ring, and then Marko is tagged in and attacks with kicks.  Cash gets a blind tag and they hit Marko with a hot shot.  It's now time for Marko to take a beating'.  

When we come back, Dax is still working over Marko.  Cash is tagged in and hits Marko with a  spine buster and a one count. Dax is tagged in and they hit Marko with a drop toe hold and then an elbow to the back of the head. Dax covers repeatedly, but Marko keeps kicking out.  Cash tags in and her sets up for a submission hold where he holds Marko on his back like a backpack. Marko is able to get free and flips Cash for a two count.

Cash is able to tag in Dax, who stops Marko from tagging in JB, lifts him up for a power bomb and Marko is able to escape and tag in JB.  JB cleans house on FTR. It ends with him hitting the back stabber on Dax and covers for a two count.  He then takes Dax to the corner, puts him up on the top.  They fight on the top and JB is able to hit a rana on Dax and covers for a two count, interrupted by Cash.

Cash tries to hit a suplex on JB, but JB escapes and hits Cash with a sheer drop brainbuster instead.  Dax takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up JB with a handful of trunks but only gets a two count. Marko is tagged in and JB helps with an assisted senton onto Dax for a one count.  Marko tries for sliced bread, but Dax is able to stop him and then takes off his elbow pad and clotheslines Marko.  He starts beating Marko on the corner.  As the ref is trying to break them up, Marko gets a low blow kick in.  Marko is then able to hit a cutter and a two count.  Marko rolls to the outside. 

Outside the ring, Tully runs Marko into the post. JB tries to come to hel-pa nd gets tossed into barricade by Cash.  Marko is tossed back into the ring, takes a Big Rig and is covered for the three count by Cash.

Your winners: FTR

We go right to Tay Conti and Anna Jay coming to the ring.  They are followed by Serena Deeb.

Serena Deeb (NWA Champion) vs Tay Conti

They lock up and Deeb is able to turn it into an arm bar.  Conti revierses it and turns it into an abdominal stretch.  Serena makes it a hip toss and covers Conti for a two count.  Conti is able to get a heel hook on Deeb, and they reverse holds on the mat a few times.  Deeb is able to lock on a headlock and Conti escapes with a head scissors.  

They lock up again and Deeb is able to take Conti down.  They trade hold and Conti went for a triangle sleeper, but Deeb was able to fight free. Deeb hits a running lariat and covers for a two count.

Deeb goes for the Deep Tox, Conti reverses it and holds for a two count. Deeb counters for a two count.  Conti is able to hit a pump kick onto Deeb and we go to picture in picture. Conti goes out of the ring for advice and takes a dragon screw from Deeb when she is in the ropes.  Conti is able to fight back and covers Deeb for a two count.

Conti flips Deeb over with shoulder tosses repeatedly and then covers Deeb for a two count.  

When we come back, Conti locks Deeb in a full Nelson and then turns it into a stunner for a two count. Conti tries to tie Deeb up in some kind of leg based submission hold, but Deeb is able to reverse things to put Conti into a stretch muffler and Conti gets to the ropes.  Deeb tries to hook on the serenity lock, but Conti reverses it to a two count pin. Deeb lifts Conti up for a rib breaker and a two count.

Deeb puts Conti on the top turnbuckle and then wraps her into a Gori special for a four count in the ropes.  As Deeb breaks and goes in for another attack, Conti leaps over her, comes back with a pump kick and sets up for the Tay KO.  Deeb is able to reverse it, Conti rolls through but Deeb is able to catch her for the Detox and covers Conti for the three count.

Your winner and still NWA champion, Serena Deeb

We then get a rundown of next week's matches.  

It is now time for our main event as Brian Cage comes to the ring with the rest of Team Taz.  Taz goes to commentary and we go to commercials.

We come back for Darby Allin to come to the ring without his skateboard.  We are told that Hobbs has been sent to the back, so only Ricky Starks is at ringside for Brian Cage

Darby Allin (TNT Champion) vs Brian Cage (FTW champion)

Darby attacks quickly with kicks and then leaps onto Cage outside the ring.  Darby goes for another tope and Cage grabs him and suplexes him to the floor.  Cage tosses him into the ring and pulls Darby up when he gets in the ring.  Darby slaps Cage and Cage replies with a short arm clothesline.  Cage picks Darby off and tosses him from the ring into the timekeeper's table.

That is an impressive display of strength.

Cage goes to the outside and grabs Darby. Darby is bleeding and Cage pulls Darby up in a stalling suplex, and carries him up the stairs to the ring in that position.  Cage tosses Darby into the ring.  Cage hits Darby with kicks and strikes in the corner, and then suplexes him.  He then tosses Darby into the turnbuckle from the middle of the ring.  Not an Irish whip.  A toss.  Cage mounts Darby and pounds away on Darby's head.

We got to picture in picture and the beat down continues.

When we come back, Cage nails Darby with three power bombs. Cage doesn't cover Darby and Darby flips him off.  Cage tosses Darby over the top rope onto the stage.  Cage climbs to the second rope and suplexes Darby into the ring. Cage covers Darby for a one count.  

Cage moves the steel steps into a position at ringside.  Cage sets up to power bomb Darby onto the steps, but Darby escapes.  Cage is holding onto the rope and Darby bites his hand to cause Cage to fall on to the steps.  Darby hits a coffin drop onto Cage and they struggle to get up outside the ring. They get back in the ring at the last second.

Darby hits slaps on Cage and Cage grabs a waist lock. Darby escapes by biting him.  Darby takes off his belt, runs at Cage and goes over the top for a stunner.  He then wraps his belt around Cage's feet and pushes him to the mat.  Darby starts attacking Cage’s back.  The ref makes him get off, and as he runs at Cage, Cage gets to his knees, grabs the charging Darby and tosses him to the mat. Cage takes off the belt and Darby is able to hit a Code Red for a two count.

Darby hits a shotgun drop kick and covers Cage for a two count.  Cage tosses Darby to the top with his kickout and Darby drops onto him with a double stomp. Darby goes to the top again and as Hook distracts the ref Ricky Starks attacks Darby. AND THE LIGHTS GO OUT.

The lights come back on and Sting is behind Starks with his bat.  He takes out Starks with his bat and Darby is on the top and Cage gets onto the turnbuckle.  Darby is able to wrap him in the crucifix bomb to hold him for the three count.

Your winner and still TNT champion, Darby Allin

Sting slowly enters the ring and Team Taz gathers on the stage.  The snow starts to fall as Cage rages and Starks is being helped to his feet by Taz.  

And we're out of time!!!


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