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By Eric Denton on 2021-01-13 08:36:00

Photos courtesy of Justin Cotterell

Todd Keneley, James Kincaid and Blake Troop are your hosts for this episode of CWFH.

Will Allday vs Jordan Clearwater(c) for the Hollywood Heritage Championship

Shenanigans to start as Will Allday gets upset with Adnan Kureishy’s introduction. After he gets it right the bell rings Allday with a collar and elbow tie up followed by a headlock take over by Allday. Clearwater shrugs it off but is kicked and they trade arm drags. Clearwater gets control of Allday and carries him into the corner and nails him with repeated shoulder blocks until he tosses him across the ring. Allday with the Flair flip to the outside and they battle on the floor. The champion throws Allday back inside the ring. Allday runs into the corner and nails Clearwater with a spring board knee strike. Allday back in control with kicks and punches. Clearwater tries to use his size advantage but Allday continues to use his speed to hammer away with strikes and a hurricarana. Allday to the top rope attempting the “Stamp of Approval” but Clearwater gets up and hits Allday with a clothesline after he lands. Clearwater with a neck breaker for 2. He picks up Allday who slides behind him and gets hit with a spinebuster for a near fall. Double stomp for another 2. Allday back to the top rope and he’s caught again. Allday escapes and hits missle drop kick and another 2 count. Clearwater is up and Allday jumps on his back for an attempted reverse-rana that backfires. Allday is flipped over and smacks his face into the turnbuckle. Clearwater with a lariat and Allday is down. “Beef Candy” (Richie Slade & Flex McCallion) run in to try and protect Allday which results in Clearwater getting superkicked and he’s down. Allday with an enziguri and as he attempts to flip back inside the ring Clearwater hits Allday with the Midas Touch big boot for the pin.

Your winner and still Hollywood Heritage Champion Jordan Clearwater.

Jack Banning is back for another padded cell/walking on the beach promo. He chokes out his psychiatrist and escapes. We see him cut his hair and shave his beard. He puts on a white jacket with “Eat The Rich” scrawled in blood on the back.

Cam vs Slice Boogie

“Bad Cam” comes to the ring and hits his vape pen a few times. Lock up and they trade arm bars. Slice knocks Cam out of the ring after repeated shoulder blocks. Cam is back in and gets a headlock takeover for an attempted pin. Doesn’t work and more shoulder blocks and some power moves by Slice. Boogie goes for an elbow drop but misses. Cam back in control and hits a reverse neck breaker. Nonchalant cover for 2. Boogie recovers and hits a uranage for 2. Cam is up and is hit with a scissors kick for the pin.

Your winner Sliced Boogie

At an undisclosed location Heather Monroe continues to train Halston Boddy. She throws fans at him telling him “if he can dodge a fan he can dodge a punch”. Boddy cannot dodge a fan. They do through some Karate Kid-esque training exercises. Boddy does not like running the ropes because it’s uncomfortable but Heather gets him to move by swinging a glass of champagne by a kendo stick. Boddy toughens up by taking some chops and breaking a board with his bare hands.

Jamie Iovine is at the interview station with Cece Chanel and Ruby Raze. Ruby is concerned that Chanel (who is also going into her first match) won’t be ready but she is. Iovine is not concerned and he thanks Niko Marquez for giving him this team to manage.

Number one contenders match for the Heritage World Tag Team Championships

4 Minutes of Heat (“Rock God” Ricky Gibson & “Freak Nasty” Eddie Pearl) vs Friendship Farm (Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly & Darwin Finch)

Cottonbelly and Gibson trade arm bars until Gibson tags Pearl. They try to double team Jervis but it doesn’t work and they get double speared. Tag made to Finch. Finch in control with a series of arm drags. Tag to Jervis and they chop Gibson. Jervis with a rockabye slam and a tag back to Finch. Finch with an elbow drop on Gibson for 2. Gibson is able to tag in Pearl and he stomps away on Finch. They cut off the ring and use quick tags and double team moves to dominate Finch. More quick tags but they trade submission moves on Finch wearing him down even more. Finch keeps kicking out of a serious of heavy body blows. Jervis is beside himself trying to will Finch into making a tag. Finch is able to make Gibson & Pearl collide. The refs back is turned and she doesn’t see the tag to Cottonbelly and she kicks him out of the ring. Finch put right back into a chin lock.

Gibson and Pearl try more double team maneuvers but they get tangled together. Finch nails a Sling Blade which makes Gibson DDT Pearl. Finch is free and gets the hot tag to Cottonbelly. Jervis with a flurry of Russian Leg Sweeps and a Bunny Stomp onto Gibson . Pin attempt for 2. Cottonbelly tags Finch back in and it was not a wise decision. Gibson & Pearl hit “Power Ballad” on Finch for the pin.

Your winners and number one contenders for the world tag team titles 4 Minutes of Heat.

Beef Candy training montage to get Richie Slade ready for his Heritage television title match.

We’re back with host Todd Keneley and crew as they try to preview CWFH episode 500 and they are interrupted by Howdy Price & TV champ Levi Shapiro. Beef Candy interrupt and they get into it with Price. Shapiro tries to continue his interview with Keneley. Will Allday and Anthony Idol both step in front of the camera and cut promos about themselves. We cut away to SoCal Distancing (Andy Brown, Adrian Quest, Miguel & Dom Kubrick) threaten Ray Rosas as the show closes.

Photos courtesy of Justin Cotterell

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