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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-12 15:11:00

The WWE Superstar Spectacle, which will air on Indian Republic Day, Tuesday 1/26 at 8 PM local time in India, will be taped at the WWE Capitol Wresting Center around 1/21 in Orlando, Florida.  There had been plans to tape the show across several days and edit together, but it is now expected to be taped live to tape on one date.  

The show is currently expected to be 90 minutes to two hours long and will feature both English and Hindi language broadcasts on Sony TEN 1 and Sony TEN 3.

Local advertising on Sony is built around WWE's Indian stars, including Jinder Mahal, NXT recruit Kavita Devi and tag teams Indus Sher and The Bollywood Boys.  The show will feature a number of NXT trainees from India as well.

During the October 2020 WWE quarterly conference call with financial investors, WWE's Nick Khan announced the company was working on a 2021 event in partnership with Sony featuring local Indian talents that will air there and be distributed here in the United States and at the time, they were working on the "right talents and right structure" for the event.

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