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By Dave Scherer on 2021-01-12 10:00:00

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Would just like to get your thoughts on the reporting of Jon Huber's death. I think some of the reporting has been completely disrespectful to Jon and his family, in particular (name deleted)'s reporting of personal details. I think is disgraceful and the only people who should report that is his family, if they choose. I think he shows a complete lack of respect for somebody’s memory. I get there will always be speculation but that will die down in couple of days/weeks, so it’s not for him to discuss and it’s plain irresponsible. As a wrestling journalist yourself, what are your thoughts?  Also I found your reporting to be very responsible and respectful.

Honestly?  I didn’t read that person’s accounting so I can’t comment on it.  I do know that sometimes media sources dig when they shouldn’t.  In this case, his wife announced the death.  She knew that people would wonder if it were COVID related so she made it clear it wasn’t.  I don’t need to dig to find out the details.  I don’t need to know about the pain she went through as she lost her husband.  If she wants to share it, then we will report it.  We won’t make her loss worse.

I’m a little confused by Tony Khan and AEW. What exactly is the point of having the tag champs from a much smaller promotion come in and beat up half your roster? Like why should I watch AEW if the Impact tag champions can show up, do whatever they want and beat up legit half the roster?

In his mind I am guessing he is thinking that inter-promotional angles draw.  I am guessing he thinks everyone watching knows that the guys were all together in Japan.  I am guessing he turned the Bucks again because he thinks that is what the fans who follow everything want to see.  I am with you though, it is great for Impact but it’s to be determined what AEW gets out of it.  And also, if I am just a fan that doesn’t know all the back story, the Bucks have turned a bunch of times in the last few months.  It’s not good for their characters to the casual fan.

When you see an organic response like fans on social media tweeting and asking Cardi B about wrestling, you can see an under current of casual fans that aren't watching shows right now. How can the WWE just let such free publicity go without capitalizing on it? So my question -If you were Vince wouldn't you invite Cardi B onto TV and publicly and humbly cut her a check as she hinted at in her tweets? Maybe give it a few weeks of build-up and let Cardi B work social media work in prep for it. Then have her put over some of the women's talent in some way. Nothing big, but something just like she did with Carmella. I think it would pop the ratings for a show or two without that much cost.

I would make an offer, for sure.  WWE needs to bring in younger fans so if it’s me, I am going after any younger celebrity that would be willing to bring their audience to my show.  Of course, I would also make Raw cooler so that younger fans would like what they see if they tuned in.

After what happened in Washington D.C. on January 6, do you think it's in WWE's best interest to remove Donald Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame?

If it were my decision, yes I would.  I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, I would just pull his bio from the site and never mention him again if I were them.  I saw a video from Parler that, if it comes true, WWE may have no choice but to do it after January 20 so I would be proactive.  I don’t see the climate improving in the near future.

You’ve probably received a lot of feedback on the Legends Raw.  I’m not sure if I have the words anymore, but Goldberg again, really?  This will be 3 out of the 4 years now that he is in the title picture potentially ruining another great run.  I don’t understand it, and I’m sure most fans hate it.  I have no interest in him winning the title nor even being in a title match.  I know the match hasn’t happened yet but I can’t imagine they bring him back only to lose.  If they want to bring him back to wrestle another legend like a Triple H, Cena, or Lesnar that’s fine I can deal with it.  But to wrestle 1-2 times a year defeating the champion 20 years or younger just makes no sense.  I was just so turned off by what happened on Raw.  In a way I was kind of hoping for no fans at this years Mania just so we don’t have any part timers on the card.   

As I said yesterday, the Rumble PPV is about the two matches.  I don’t love Goldberg being on the show.  The angle to set it up last week was stupid and illogical.  But if it ends with McIntyre winning fairly easily, at least they didn’t waste a good opponent.

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