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By Dave Scherer on 2021-01-11 10:00:00

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Is it just me, or is this RR situation getting way out of hand? The last couple weeks I just thought most of the RR situation was over the top, and me personally, it is what took me out of wrestling some time ago. And last night’s SD was just too much for me. I think maybe I am headed for another break. I’d like to know what you think, as you always seem to have your head right about such things.

I am guessing you mean Adam Pearce talking on Roman Reigns.  I will wait and see how it plays out.  Honestly, title matches at the Rumble are secondary really.  The show is about the two Rumble matches.  I get why they don't want to put a big Title match on the show.  They have the draw they need with the Rumble.  So, we get Pearce and Goldberg in Title matches that aren't a big part of the show.  If it ends up Pearce does somewhat well, it can enhance his authority figure character.

Instead of having 2 rumble matches, which I feel is ruining the Rumble PPV cuz it’s just too much, why not have an annual women’s event with the rumble anchoring it as a network special or a ppv?

So what you are saying is make the Women's Rumble secondary to the men's Rumble, since they get to keep the event?  I don't like it.  I have no problem with two Rumbles.  I like it, so I don't want to see it broken into two shows.

I read Nick Jackson’s post about having COVID and wondering why there are still deniers about the disease and how serious it is.  I think it’s due to the fact that the President has downplayed its severity since they start, mocked people who wore masks and ignored the protocol.  What do you think?

I can’t say I can argue with one word you said.  It’s a shame that some people only believe it’s real when it invades their world.

As far as I'm aware no indy shows have been announced for Mania weekend yet (I have an idea what the reason may be) and with Wrestlecon moving away from LA, what do you think the chances are of a normal wrestlemania weekend happening this year?

You are from England, which is in lockdown last I heard.  I would think that you DO have an idea.  Going back to the previous question, yes we are in a global pandemic with cases at their highest here in America.  LA is in lockdown.  All signs point to WrestleMania being in Tampa this year since there doesn’t seem to be any way that California will be allowing fans in the stands by April.  I get that everyone wants get back to normal, I do too, but there is no reasonable way that we are less than three months away from that happening.  I believe that WWE will have Mania in Tampa and will be happy if they can sell any tickets to the show.

I saw that you posted WWE friend Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video on your Facebook page.  Can you share it for those who didn’t see it?  I think everyone should watch it.

Sure.  Here you go.

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