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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-01-09 18:00:00

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If you’ve ever seen speed and agility training or bodyweight exercises, it is likely that you have seen individuals wear what seems to be bulky vests.

These are weighted vests, which are made of heavy-duty composite materials or vinyl with adjustable weight to help you increase the intensity of your workout. Many of them are designed to hold weight bars as necessary for training. However, you can’t just add weight to your workouts without consulting professionals first, so to help you use the vest and modify your workout properly, and to make sure that you are ready for such a step.

Things to Remember Before Using a Weighted Vest


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  • Check-in with your physician or primary care doctor. This is to make sure that you are in peak physical health when using a weighted vest. Your physician will make sure that you don’t have physical problems that could make training inadvisable.

  • Do not start with a fully loaded vest. To start off, use a vest that is about fifteen to twenty percent of your total body weight. Your body will need to adapt to the use of these adjustable weight vests, so make sure to build up the weight slowly. This is to avoid injuries or soreness. For higher intensity training such as boxing, starting with five percent of your weight is ideal.

Also make sure that you use the right vest for your body type, that is, one that fits comfortably and does not hinder your movements. While most vests are made for both sexes, curvier women may want to find those that can give better support for exercise.

  • Do not wear weighted vests the whole day. While it is okay for some people to wear weighted vests the whole day, it is not often recommended. People typically work out certain muscle groups for a limited amount of time. Wearing weighted vests equate to working out the whole day, making your shoulder, neck, back, and even leg muscles very sore in the end.

Benefits of Training With Weighted Vests


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Of course, there are a lot of benefits of training with weighted vests, if used correctly. Some of them include the following:

  • Increases your strength and endurance. A greater push yields better results. This is true for goals as well as weight training. Weighted vests help you push yourself further in terms of training, and the additional weight will significantly improve your strength and endurance in the long run. 

  • Helps with weight loss. Because the increased weight will create a higher oxygen deficiency, it makes your heart beat faster to help supply blood to your body. This increases the amount of energy your body uses up, burning calories and fat in the process.

Weighted vests will make your workouts more challenging, so you may use your weighted vests while walking, jogging, running, or hiking. As long as you don’t use it for very long periods, you can even use your weighted vest while doing chores around the house.

  • Improves your core strength. Adding weight to your torso will help target your abdominal muscles. This is similar to doing crunches or planks, but less difficult. So wearing your weighted vest while walking or doing chores can significantly improve your core strength.

  • Improves your posture and balance. The added weight from the vest is somåething that your body is not always used to, so it will work with your muscles to maintain balance in your body and improve your posture. This practices your body and makes it easier to maintain such posture and balance when you take off the vest.

  • Improves the Musculoskeletal System. The extra weight will allow your body to develop muscles to help you gain strength. It applies its resources to help you develop your bones and connective tissues as well. Simply put, it makes your bones stronger and denser, so that it can support the added weight.

In the long run, your weighted vest can help your body adapt to avoid injuries, allowing you to perform strength routines better.

You can use your weighted vests for different types of exercises such as walking, jogging, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and even hiking. However, it is important that you take extra measures to ensure that you have the right type of vest and that it is not too heavy for your workout. Safety is always important in these situations.

That said, weighted vests are great to kick your workout to another level and help you reach your full potential, giving you the strong body that you have always dreamed of.

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