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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-16 10:00:00


If you were booking, who would win the Royal Rumble?

I feel like Big E shouldn't have been broken off from the rest of New Day unless there was something major planned for him.  I'd have him run through the Rumble and win to face off with Roman at Wrestlemania.  You could have lots of great vignettes with Kofi and Xavier helping him train, etc. and run interference if the Usos get involved, plus E is a damn underrated promo and this could be a chance for him to take those skills to the next level.

Why hasn't Pro Wrestling Guerrilla return like other promotions?

Several reasons.  One, they aren't allowed to run events in California due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is sadly still ravaging Los Angeles as much as it is everywhere else.  Two, they have always been a smaller promotion that lived and died on bringing in talent from all over the world, selling tickets and DVDs.  They can't sell tickets.  They can't hold events.  Without those, they have no product to sell on DVD.  Thus, there's nothing to do but wait.

Same question, CZW?

CZW could probably figure out a way to run in New Jersey, but the reality is that promotion has always existed on trying to get through the year and making their big money on Tournament of Death in June and Cage of Death in December and then using those shows to carry them the rest of the time.  With that cycle pretty much broken due to COVID (and now way to make the same amount of money they may have been able to before this past March), it doesn't make sense to keep running.   I don't see it returning anytime soon as it would be a losing proposition.

When is Primetime Live returning?

There's been no word about that PPV series' return as of yet.

What do you think were the best Royal Rumble matches?

I remember really loving the 1992 Ric Flair win in the moment and still think that was one of the all time best booked Rumble from start to finish. I would go with that and the 2000 Rumble, which was booked excellently.   I was at the 2004 Rumble in Philly when Chris Benoit won and remember if being a great bout, but I'll never go back and watch it for obvious reasons.  I have a strong fondness for the first Rumbles in 1988 and 1989 as well.  

There's been some Internet talk about a proposed WCW cartoon series in 1999 that never came to be.  Wasn't there supposed to be a WWE animated project with the Hanna Barbera characters a few years ago?

Yes, but that project did not move forward.  Back in 2015, there was a plan in motion for a series of shorts that would feature WWE characters in the ring with different Hanna-Barbera characters.  I have never heard why it never moved on, but at some point the two sides moved on from the idea and now that they are owned by Warnermedia, which is in bed with AEW, I don't believe it will be resurrected.

Ric Flair said on ESPN that WWE is building a physical Hall of Fame.  Where will it be?

Although Flair said they are building it, company sources have stated there's been no movement towards the project in some time.  There had been pitches in the past for the Hall to be on International Drive in Orlando, Florida or within the Orlando Universal theme park.

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