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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-09 10:00:00

I know he has his IPA now, but back in the day, didn't Stone Cold have his own signature beer, even if for a short while or have I received the wrong info?

Wrong info. There were plans to license a WWF beer using Austin's insignia and name but they never got out of the planning phases and it was never sold.  The IPA came along much, much later.

I am watching on the WWE Network on during his WWE Hall of Fame speech, Bret Hart talks about never forgetting what Rick Rude did for him - so what did he do?

After Bret Hart was screwed in Montreal, Rude quit WWE and jumped to WCW, appearing on a live Nitro on the same night he was on a taped episode of Monday Night Raw. Rude walked out of the company in protest for what they did to Bret, walking away from an agreed upon verbal deal with WWF management.  That is what Bret is referring to in that speech.

Do you think Amazing Kong will return to AEW?

She has written out of the company storylines in order to go film the final season of GLOW for Netflix and since that series has sadly had that fourth season canceled due to the pandemic, one would think at some point, she'll pop up again.

Do you think Young Bucks will show up next week at Impact Hard To Kill ppv?I’m th  inking this will setup match with machine guns?

I don't think it's an unfair expectation, but I haven't heard that is the plan.

Watching ECW online and I have to ask, given how great that place comes across on TV for intensity, why doesn't anyone run in the old ECW Madhouse of Extreme anymore?

The Elks Lodge #878 aka The Madhouse of Extreme was bought by a Korean religious group and converted into a church years ago.   I know of one instance where a former ECW talent (who was booked to work at a show next door, an adjacent gym that is still owned by the Elks Lodge) who entered the old Madhouse and asked if he could look at the old room and was refused entry, so I don't think they have any real interest in bringing pro wrestling back.

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