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By Dave Scherer on 2021-01-10 10:00:00

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We often hear about Pat Patterson being one of the best, if not THE best match bookers, especially when it came to finishes. Do you have any specific examples of finishes booked by Pat that showcase this?

Shoot, off of the top of my head pretty much all of the best Rumbles!  But he also helped so many talents it's hard to put together a best of list.

How are the New Day still considered babyfaces? They unwarrantedly acted like obnoxious, corny and smug tools during their segment with Miz & Morrison on the Legends Raw. By the end of the segment, I was rooting for the Miz to bust their faces open, so this segment was an epic fail - as it made me sympathize with the heels!

Yeah, they didn’t come off well.  I guess Vince would want you to think they were being “cocky babyfaces” but they really just came out and acted like tools.  It’s another example of why Raw booking is, well, Raw booking.

Later, Vince wisely incorporated the legends on stage to add gravitas to the main event and tease a title change, which was a nice touch. Big props to McIntyre and Lee for staging a stiff, stellar PPV quality match. McIntyre is hands down the best babyface in the industry right now!  Do you think if WWE emphasizes more tough, serious bad ass babyfaces like McIntyre and Lee over total douches like Kingston and Woods, more of the 18-45 demographic would return?

I do.  I think WWE has to realize that they are booking a show that is centered around people simulated fighting.  It’s not a reality show or bad comedy.  Comedy and fun has it’s place for sure, but it should actually be funny and fun.  As I have said many times, Raw is neither.  We need more talents that we can think are cool or fun or bad ass or scary or a mix of all.

With some of the things people are doing in person and saying on social media not being smart enough to realize that it can cost them their job, how would you handle a situation like that at PWInsider?

Right off the bat, if there were any footage of someone who worked for me breaking the law, as we saw on Wednesday, I would divorce myself from them immediately.  I also look at Social Media as well.  Everyone has a right to say what they want on it, no doubt.  But I also have the right to take issue with what they say since they represent me.  When someone goes all Q Anon crackpot on social media, they won't be a part of the PWInsider family any longer.

My question this time is regarding factions in AEW and to an extent NXT.  Do you feel they’re over doing it a bit?  I mean after this weeks Dynamite AEW has an Apparent Bullet Club reunion, The Dark Order, Death Triangle, Team Taz, Eddie Kingston’s Family (or whatever it’s called), The Nightmare Family, and The Inner Circle.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I forgot a group.  I think there’s too many UNLESS there’s some kind of grand plan for them all.  What say you?

I think factions absolutely have a place in the business.  I also think there is a point where there are too many of them.  I like the idea of a strong faction leading to guys rising up.  When there are so many of them they just mostly cancel each other out.

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