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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-08 10:00:00

Are their plans for Impact Wrestling to bring back the six sided ring? I always thought it was a mistake when they got rid of that.

There are no plans.  They brought it back years ago at Dixie Carter's behest because she believed at the time Jeff Jarrett would use it for his GFW promotion and she wanted to make sure it was back as an Impact institution instead.  I can see the argument of using it once a year for a big X-Division themed crazy show with the Ultimate X as the main event or something, but honestly, the promotion doesn't need it to help fans identify with it.

Why is Mickie James considered a legend?  Did she leave the company?

She's Mickie James!  I am told she is still under contract.  When the latest Draft happened, she was slated to move to the Raw brand.  That has not happened but she remains under a current deal.

I saw this week was the 20 year anniversary of the last ECW PPV.  Were you there and what are your memories?

I was there and mostly, I just remember being sad that night.  I had been clued in this was likely the end, so I watched the show from a completely different perspective than the fans that were watching it and even some of the wrestlers.  With every pop that came from the crowd, I sort of looked at the show like a wake that most didn't realize they were at.  When the big surprise was Rob Van Dam (and not the TV deal a lot of fans that night were probably hoping for), I remember taking it in and listening to the pop because I knew it was one of the last times I'd hear that sort of moment from that audience.  I had walked into my first ECW show as little more than a teenaged fan in 1994 and by this point, I was helping the company website, so I knew this was going to be the end of what had been a fun, important chapter to me personally.

I also remember there were a lot of people killing themselves in the ring and how much I respected them for doing so when they had no idea what was to come or if they were getting paid.   That crew at the end truly loved being part of the company and for them, they really didn't want to go anywhere.  It was a badge of honor for them at that time.  Like a lot of folks, I hoped that wasn't truly going to be the end, but as it turned out, that really was it, except for a pair of sold shows that sponsors had paid for....until all the reunion shows, DVDs, etc.  There was certainly closure later but that night and afterward, I looked at like if a major favorite sports team just up and disappeared, as that's how that grouping of fans saw ECW - their home team...and they weren't wrong.  But, all things happen for a reason.

Why wouldn't WWE have Hulk Hogan drop the leg on the Legends show?

I don't mean this to be rude to you, but you realize Hogan is well into his late 60s with a back that had endured countless surgeries?  I don't think Hogan would be well advised to run the ropes, much less drop the Atomic Legdrop.  I think we've seen Hogan's final round in the ring unless he's going to be throwing some punches or something.  It would be legitimately dangerous for him to put his well being at this age on the line for one last legdrop that honestly, would be forgotten by the next Raw segment.

I am confused!  Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt - who's the hero supposed to be?

Hi confused, I am Mike!  In this story, it's supposed to be Bray.  After all, what hero burns the villain alive????  Note from Mike: Yes, I know, Obi-Wan Kenobi, but he didn't mean for Anakin to land in the lava on Mustafar.

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