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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-07 10:00:00

What is Alicia Fox's role now? Is she a writer for Raw?

Fox doesn't have a role.  She does not currently work for WWE beyond a few cameos.  She considers herself retired.

Just how perfect was AEW’s Jon Huber memorial show? I know I’m not alone in saying that I was in tears by the end of that broadcast.

It was the classiest, most perfect tribute show I've ever seen in all of my time watching professional wrestling.  I think Tony Khan and his entire team deserve a lot of praise for what they put together.  They set the bar going forward, although I pray we don't have to see another Memorial show for a long, long, long time.  I think in many ways, this was AEW's finest hour.

Do you think that Erick Rowan’s appearance was a one-off? Either way, I was happy Tony Khan was able to make it happen.

To the best of my knowledge, it was simply an appearance out of respect to Huber.

What happened to Corey Graves podcast? Nothing for a month now? I really liked it, as it was informative, and had unusual guests. Liked it was only 30-45 minutes too

No word yet.  Lots of WWE projects just disappear.

Has WWE ever tried or looked into developing tv shows like Star Wars / Marvel's shows using their IP? Similar to comic books WWE has a rich untapped IP that people are already familiar with that could be expanded beyond wrestling.  For instance they could utilize the characters (not the wrestlers) of an Undead Undertaker, his Brother Kane, and Paul Bearer in a Tombstone/Western/Sci-Fi series that could be on par with Disney's Mandalorian if written right. This way instead of just letting their most popular IP of the past fade with time they can keep The Undertaker character going in other genres besides wrestling. 

If they could get it going, I am sure WWE would be interested in doing just that.  There was talk years ago of developing an origin story film for The Undertaker and there was actually a book showing the "back story" of Kane as well as a book featuring the premise that WWE stars were using the company touring as the cover story for the fact they were international spies, so I bet there are pitches for some sort of WWE IP projects from over the years.    The problem, in a normal world, would be that such projects take such a long time to produce that they would effectively take those talents off the board from weekly WWE storylines and touring.  One way to mitigate that could be animated projects that the talents could voice-over, which would also allow all sorts of over the top action-adventure/fantasy scenarios to be presented.  I'd never say never when it comes to WWE attempting such things.

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