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By Dave Scherer on 2021-01-05 10:00:00

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Can I ask a question regarding tag teams?  It’s widely acknowledged that VKM is not a fan of tag teams. I can sort of see his point. He has to pay four wrestlers instead of two to do something that no other combat sport (Boxing, UFC or Martial Arts) does. I understand it’s Sports Entertainment not actual combat but wrestling is best when it has combat competition at its centre. What say you guys?

Second question first, I agree wrestling is best when it’s got combat at its core.  The business is about (staged) fighting so it should center around that.  Vince’s problem is so much with paying people, it’s more that he would rather create singles stars because they are more marketable.

With Evolve events now being available on the Network, and with WWE actually owning Evolve, does WWE own the full tape library? As I've seen some earlier Evolve events still be available to view on some platforms despite WWE owning the tape library.

Yes, WWE owns the promotion now so those platforms should tread lightly if they don’t want to hear from WWE Legal.

Why do some wrestling fans still want to see Chris Benoit inducted or honoured by WWE. Yeah he may have a great wrestler but if you choose not to be a great human being and choose to end somebody else’s life there is no way you ever deserve to be honoured and anyone who thinks otherwise needs their head checked. Never forget that there were 3 people in that house, 2 of them didn’t have a choice to live or die because 1 person made that decision. So F*** Chris Benoit.

In my opinion, anyone who wants to see that guy in the Hall of Fame is heartless and clueless.  They are heartless because they think a guy that murdered his family deserves to be honored.  They are clueless because they don’t realize that putting the guy in their Hall would create a huge PR nightmare.

How can 3 shows under the same banner be worlds apart in the content they provide. NXT/UK absolutely fantastic shows with characters/stories you believe in. Smackdown is a mixed bag, with the main event scene very enjoyable and the rest is skippable and the there’s Monday Night Raw which if if wasn’t for the name of the show would have been cancelled a long time ago. Its like Disney or Amazon will always have a stinker but generally you know what to expect from the their content and you without seeing the tittle you’ll know it’s under the Disney banner. But if you were to watch NXT you wouldn’t know it falls under the same banner as Raw.

NXT has a different creative team, and purpose, than the main shows do.  That leads to better storytelling.  FOX has influence on how Smackdown is presented, in a more sport-like manner, so it is more believable.  Raw is Vince McMahon’s unfiltered vision.  So there are three different approaches.  I am with you on their order of quality.

Regarding the crowd noise we hear in the Thunderdome, is it a mixture of real noise from the virtual fans and piped in noise or is it all fake?

The fans watching definitely make noise, and WWE definitely takes the opportunity to sweeten it when it needs sweetening.

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