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By Dave Scherer on 2021-01-03 10:00:00

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What are your thoughts on AEW’s Tribute show to Brody Lee?

I think that Tony Khan deserves all the credit in the world for putting together such a great and memorable show.  It was definitely hard to watch at times, understandably.  When someone dies suddenly, in the prime of their life, it’s a sad thing.  Khan and the entire AEW roster did a great job in paying tribute.  No matter how someone feels about Tony Khan, he deserves praise for his actions.  I have a lot of respect for how he handled a horrible situation.

I saw what you wrote about WWE giving AEW the space to tribute to Brodie Lee first on their show.  I never thought of that until you wrote it.  I was not one of the people attacking WWE either but I wonder, why do people just jump in and attack like that?

It’s the world we live in.  So many people want to give their immediate hot take and react without really thinking about an issue.  It’s not just a wrestling thing either.  I say it all the time to some, Stupid is the new Smart.

One of the categories of the Slammys that I always wish was in but understand why it isn't is biggest transformation of a superstar...I was thinking this year people have really changed their character and I'm wondering who you think has changed the most... It may be someone different for you, but my thoughts are Roman, Alexa, Sheamus, Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy.

I guess the idea would it be transformation for the good?  Clearly Roman would probably win that since he went from being a top guy to the most compelling character WWE has had in a long, long time.

Though they have already honored him, do you think at the Rumble in January, they may do something special for Pat Patterson?

Someone suggested in this space last week that the rename the Rumble in his honor.   I think that is a fantastic idea and should absolutely be done.  That would be a great way to honor his legacy.

I don’t want to get to into it but what is wrong with Bruce Mitchell?  How could he be so heartless and write the column he did about Jon Huber’s passing?  And how could he be so callous as to, in essence, call Huber’s widow a liar?

As anyone who has followed my work for a while knows, I have always had zero respect for Bruce Mitchell due to the things he written, as well as personal interactions I have had with him.  For instance, in the past, he referenced a female valet as “stick girl” and inferred she had an eating disorder, just because she was thin.  Having known her personally, and broken bread with her many times, I know for a fact that wasn’t true but even if I didn’t, he surely didn’t know what he wrote WAS true.  His words hurt that woman, and he clearly couldn’t care less.  So sadly, when he wrote the hideous, horrible column that he did, I was not surprised.  The fact that he would write that column while a widow was grieving loss of her husband, at Christmas no less, and then felt forced to defend herself is heinous and completely and utterly rotten.  I am also not surprised that despite being taken to task by pretty much everyone in the wrestling business and online for what he wrote, he doubled down and defended it.  That is just despicable and shows how self absorbed and lacking empathy he is.  I was glad to see him delete his Twitter account.  I am not one to say someone should be blackballed but I will say that any site that hires him is hurting their credibility.  In a perfect world, we have heard the last of him.  The world does not ever need to hear from him again.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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