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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-30 10:00:00

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Fulham looks likely to be relegated in the Premier League. The Jaguars are the absolute worst team in the NFL. At what point does Tony Khan need to step back and realize he needs to focus on one entity better and entrust others to run these other pro sports properties? AEW is arguably the most successful (although a hard comparison), but likely by far the lowest revenue generator of the three.

I don’t know at what point he will realize that but anyone who listens to audio here knows I have been saying for months now that it seems like Khan is spinning too many plates.  I don’t know what Khan’s duties are at the three companies but I do know he has spread himself very thinly.  In my opinion, he should let the football people run the two teams and he should spend most of his time focusing on the booking of AEW.  The football teams can be run by sports people.  The Jags will get Trevor Lawrence so they have something to look forward to at least.  Wrestling booking is a much different animal and requires a vision to build characters and create compelling storylines.  I think if Khan focused on that, AEW may be able to grow beyond what it is now.

Since they have the Mae Young classic and the Dusty Rhodes tag team tournament, do you think they should rename The Royal Rumble after Pat Patterson?

I absolutely love that idea.  I hope they do it.  It would be a tremendous tribute to the man who came up with the concept.

I took your advice and started watching MLW and I have LOVED the Opera Cup.  Low Ki vs. Tom Lawlor in the final was fantastic.  I am looking forward to Kings of Colosseum on January 6 but it goes against NXT’s New Year’s Evil.  Which show will you be watching live?

I have really been enjoying MLW since it has come back.  To me, it’s exactly what AEW said it was going to be when it started, action based, realistic wrestling.  I love it.  Low Ki and Lawlor tore it up in the final.  It was great stuff.  Since MLW starts an hour earlier, my plan is to watch that and when it ends, jump into NXT.  AEW will definitely be show number three for me that night.  As I said above, my hope is that Tony Khan can get the AEW booking back to where it was earlier this year, when it was my favorite of all of the weekly shows.

As I watch the Christmas special for AEW, it becomes very clear that the Dark Order is the 2020 version of the Job Squad. They get squashed nearly every week. Colt Cabana had name value before coming to AEW, and has been on the losing end more times than I can remember. And where is Brodie Lee?  This concept had the potential to be big, but I presumably it's difficult to get behind a bunch of (mostly) faceless wrestlers. What are your thoughts? Is there hope for them?

You sent this question before the tragic passing of Brodie Lee, which I still find hard to believe has happened.  My condolences to his friends and family for their tragic loss.  It’s pretty clear now that Dark Order was kind of on hold while Lee was hospitalized.  With that said to be honest I have never been a fan of the group because even before Lee came in as the leader, it never really went anywhere.  Lee did of course, but the rest of the group just seemed to be secondary.  If it’s me, I really think about breaking the group up and giving the wrestlers in it a shot at being rebranded.

Bruce Pritchard has gone on record as saying that many of the rivalries which were started on Superstars or Challenge in the Golden Era were not blown off on a PPV or a SNME because WWE wanted fans to attend live events to see the resolution of various feuds. As I am watching house show matches from the 80's & 90's on the network, I notice a lot of matches end in a count out or DQ.  Why were there so many count out and DQ finishes at these live events then? What type of payoff is it for fans attending live if Hogan beats Earthquake by count out all around the loop? That is no resolution to a hot angle! Also, what's the point of putting an "exclusive match" on Coliseum video, if it ends in a non finish? Don't you feel like non-finishes at live events or special release video compilations are cheap and fans who spend the extra money to attend live or buy an extra DVD release deserve better?

I didn’t hear what he said but all I can tell you is the idea back then was to do the angles, continue the feuds to get people out to the houses (which were a big revenue generator back then) and then eventually blow the feuds off at PPVs.  I am guessing that is what Prichard was saying.

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