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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-29 10:00:00

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Is Vince trying to destroy his own creation? You have multiple promotions working together to be stronger and he comes up with that ridiculous finish from the main event of TLC. Talk about jumping the shark.

The main event finish was ridiculous, no doubt.  But Vince is not trying to kill WWE.  And honestly, AEW working with Impact isn’t a threat to him at this time.  They are back around where they were audience-wise from before the big angle.

Normally, Hogan and Warrior would smash the "heel of the month" and then said heel will descend down the card to eventual irrelevance. In 1991, Undertaker defeated Hogan for his 1st world title and pushed the Warrior to his limit by almost suffocating him in a casket. Do you think Undertaker's initial strong positioning over 2 of the biggest stars of the Golden Era helped give the Undertaker character the legs it needed to sustain a long term run? While we take the Undertaker's legendary run as a given, the earliest iteration of his character was very cartoony, one dimensional, and produced snorefest matches. I think his momentum over Hogan and Warrior separated him from all the other also-ran main event heels and set up to his longevity. Do you agree if not for the strong push against Hogan and Warrior in '91, Undertaker could have ended up as a fondly remembered - but short term gimmick heel character - such as Kamala, Papa Shango, Akeem, etc.?

No, I don’t.  The reason he got over was because Vince McMahon was way behind the character.  That is why the initial push worked so well.  But the rest of it I credit Taker for.  He was the one who kept changing and improving the character.  But sure, if he wasn’t given a good push he probably wouldn’t have become what he did.

For the most part Kayfabe is dead but do you think when someone like Jim Cornette rants on and on about protecting it that it makes them look like a hypocrite for breaking kayfabe themselves by doing an interview or podcast as themselves and not in character and talk about insider terms or situations that "expose" the business?

I think you are conflating issues (at least from what I have heard Cornette say).  Cornette talks about the presentation of the product.  He is not saying that people believe they are watching a real fight.  He is saying don’t make it obvious to the fans that they are watching a performance.

I heard that Jim Cornette said on his show that The Young Bucks, Tony Khan and most of AEW management are Trump supporters and right wingers.  Is that true?

I can’t say as I never asked them but I do know the Bucks come from a conservative family, Khan is super rich and I have seen Chris Jericho tweet in support of Trump, so I believe him when he says it.

Are all the veterans that AEW has signed (ie. Sting, Jake Roberts, Tully, Vickie Guerrero, etc) still on WWE Legends contracts?  Or would they have had to wait until their Legends deals expired before signing with AEW?

WWE doesn’t let talents that are on Legends deals work with AEW.

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