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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-27 10:00:00

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How great is Roman Reigns?  Not just from an in-ring character but the facials and the way he conducts his character?

He’s awesome.  The finish of the cage match on Smackdown was awesome.  KO came out stronger in a loss and Reigns was just awesome in how he sneered as he left.  He is delivering at 100 percent.

I noticed two things while watching Daniel Bryan versus Jey Uso on Friday. Considering someone could be thrown into it, would anybody do a suicide dive towards the announce table? And why do they insist on turning towards the hard camera when having their opponent in a submission hold? Almost every time I see that, it takes me out of the match.

Second question first, they are a TV product and they want the best camera angles for the viewer at home.  It makes sense.  As for the first question, you ask that question about a lot of things in wrestling.

I know you get a lot of questions on how to “fix” Raw/WWE Main roster.  Many fans including myself (at times) think it’s as easy as booking more like NXT.  In Vince’s mind though he probably looks at it as NXT doesn’t beat AEW most weeks in the ratings so that wouldn’t work.  I think Vince just needs to get out of his own way.  Do you feel fixing WWE is as simple as some of us seem to think?

Simple?  No, it’s not simple to write good stories and create good interesting characters but WWE doesn’t do that on Raw right now.  The real issue is vision.  Raw is Vince’s vision, overly scripted characters who are mostly not interesting and therefore people don’t invest in them.  If think if the writers would write less and develop more, things would be better right away.  When I watch Raw, I don’t “believe” in many of the characters.  It’s not their fault.  I have seen them in other places where I do believe in them.  But when they are given bad verbiage to spew, well it hurts them in the eyes of the viewer.  They lack believability and that hurts the product.

This year in WWE we have seen two men thrown off the top of a building, a man drowned in a lake, and burned to a corpse in the ring.  I get that we need to suspend some reason of disbelief in professional wrestling, but what's with the "killing" of wrestlers as a recurrent theme this year?  What's even worse is that they bring the wrestlers back on TV just a few weeks after their "deaths!"

I have nothing other than to reiterate what I said above, believability matters.  Murder isn’t believable.  Fighting and wanting to beat your opponent?  That is believable.

It’s been almost 22 years since WWE retired the European Championship. Why did they retire it and should they try to bring it back?

It wasn’t needed, that simple.  I don’t think it’s needed now either.  Two World and two secondary Titles works for me.

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