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By Mike Johnson on 2020-12-26 10:00:00

I am watching the 4 Horsemen DVD and they talk about when JJ Dillion left JCP and they brought it Hiro Matsuda too be the new manager and added Kendall Windham & Butch Reed to fill in for Anderson/Blanchard, but on some wrestling website they call the stable The Yamasaki Corporation (which Windham mentioned in the DVD). So are the names interchangeable or are they totally different and How long did this group last?

No matter what that DVD claimed, neither Kendall nor Reed were ever, ever, ever members of the Horsemen.  They were part of the Yamazaki Corporation, which mercifully died after a few weeks.  The Horsemen disbanded when Tully and Arn left and the name was not used again until 1990 when WCW made Ole, Arn, Sting and Flair a babyface version of the Horsemen, until they all turned on Sting.

Also, can you explain why Hiro Matsuda was given the managerial role of the 4 Horseman after JJ Dillion left WCW? I mean it wasn't like the horseman themselves couldn't cut promos so I don't understand why the higher ups in WCW made this decision. Any idea?

At the time, the NWA was trying to find a role for Matsuda, someone everyone who ever worked with him deeply liked. JJ Dillon had left the company to take a front office position with the WWF, so it was an attempt to fill the void he left behind. The idea was Flair would get heel heat from being associated with a dastardly Japanese corporation, since at the time Japan was really excelling when it came to overtaking technology with the idea that Americans hated that and would boo Flair due to the connection.  Yeah, it was pretty contrived.  While Matsuda was considered a good trainer, as a manager, he never clicked and the idea was quietly dropped.

Why haven't we seen any WWE Wellness suspensions of late?

No one has failed a Wellness test, that we know of.

Why aren't NXT suspensions announced?

WWE has never announced developmental talent suspensions.

Why is Dakota Kai, Adam Cole and others still streaming on Twitch?

Great question.  We don't have an answer for that one.

Is the famous Born to be Wired match on any DVD?

The August 1997 Born to Be Wired ECW title bout between Terry Funk and Sabu has been released on DVD twice, first by Pioneer Home Video on their ECW Deep Impact release and then by WWE on ECW Bloodsport - ECW's Most Extreme Matches.  

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