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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-23 10:00:00

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Do you think AEW books legends more special and wisely than WWE does? If so, should WWE bring the manager role back to prominence to use their legends more effectively, while serving the dual purpose of keeping WWE legends off AEW TV? Does Vince get mad when a Vicki Guerrero, Jake Roberts, or Sting appear regularly in AEW? I mean, if Vince does not want to use them, they have a right to work...and we still want to see them utilized in the right role! Your thoughts?

Honestly?  I think the legends could be used better.  Arn Anderson is a huge asset.  He could be doing more that he is, on camera.  He is a great promo and doesn’t get to talk much.  The same with Tully Blanchard.  I am not sure what Sting will be doing yet so I can’t comment on that yet.  But overall, I would say they do an OK job.  I can’t say what Vince thinks but I doubt he is enamored with anyone going to work for the competition.  With that said, people absolutely have the right to work.  If I were WWE I would not hire legends and put them on TV just to keep them away from AEW.  I would, however, bring them in if it makes sense from a storyline standpoint or to help a talent that needs it.

What the f*** is Vince doing with Keith Lee? Now he’s got him jobbing out to the Miz and Morrison ...I give up man

Screwing the man up royally, that’s all I can say.  Lee had so much momentum in NXT because he was used so well.  Then he comes up to the main roster and Vince makes him a generic WWE wrestler.  That, in a nutshell, is what is wrong with the creative process.

Do you think Vince watches NXT every week?

Honestly?  No.  If he did, I would think he would have a better insight into what the wrestlers are all about when they get called up to the main roster.  If he did, he would suggest to the NXT changes in their characters that he will want to see them posses when he gets to the main roster.  So no, I don’t think he regularly watches NXT and I am pretty happy that he doesn’t because I enjoy NXT.

I listened to Jim Cornette talk about Jim Ross' critique of the wrestling style of some of the guys in AEW.  What is your take on it?

We covered this a lot on audio this past week if you want a more detailed response but yes, I do.  I think that a lot of the big spots in AEW are contrived and that turns off some fans that want the product to be more realistic, as opposed to spectacular.  I will also say this, if the ratings were going up steadily, I would say it doesn’t matter what I think (of by extension the Jims).  But when they lost 19% two weeks after pulling the trigger on two big angles, it tells me that the people that tuned in and left want something different.  The hardcore base loves it, and that’s great, but if I had an asset like Jim Ross offering advice that could help my product, if I were Tony Khan I would listen, and I would tell my wrestlers to do the same.

I love that Kenny Omega is the AEW Champ. We immediately have a new crop of World title matches. Even if he's already wrestled someone (like Jon Moxley), it wasn't with Kenny as champ so this will be fresh and new.That said, the first week of Kenny winning the title was exciting, and his talk on Tuesday at Impact was fantastic! However, I was disappointed last Wednesday when Kenny basically just repeated himself. I understand there is a different audience between Impact and AEW, but can't they just show a replay on Wednesday of the Tuesday interview, and then introduce new content on Wednesday? Why do you think they basically just did a repeat of the content instead of recapping Tuesday and introducing a new interview?  Also, I'm really excited about het possibility of Kenny being a pseudo-traveling champion (akin to the 1970's and 1980's NWA World Champ). I'm thinking he can travel to NWA, Impact, ROH, and New Japan.  What do you think? Is this type of traveling champion at all possible in 2021? From what you know of these promoters professionally, are they capable of working together for the mutual benefit of all involved?  What is the biggest hurdle they'll have to cross for this to work to everyone's benefit?

I was expecting more last Wednesday as well (as were at least some of the 19% of the previous week’s audience that skipped the show).  Personally, the traveling champion doesn’t do much for me in 2020.  It made sense back in the day and all but lets say Omega takes on Rich Swann.  I don’t see Swann winning so I won’t invest in the match.  And if I were say ROH, there is no way I would let Kenny beat Rush.  There’s no way I would let Rush beat Kenny if I were AEW.  You can do those matches back in the day because everything wasn’t televised and the world wasn’t so connected.  It’s much, much harder today.

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