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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-22 10:00:00

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I never heard of Eddie Kingston before he joined AEW and his ring skills are average at best. However, I think most people on the AEW and WWE rosters can take note of the two forgotten arts in which Kingston absolutely MASTERS - believability and the hunger to win. Growing up in NYC, there is a subculture of urban Caucasian males that acts like the portrayal of Kingston's character, so I was intrigued by his authenticity. Then, Kingston tells a compelling story in his promos of taking 18 years to "make it", which is a very relatable story for many of us, including aspiring writers and entertainers like me. Lastly, he wants to WIN so desperately - not "perform", "put smiles on faces" or "get over" - like his very existence depends on it. I'm in! Not only do I watch every time he has a mic in his hands, but I was pulling for him to win the belt from Jon Moxley. Do you think other wrestlers should emulate Kingston's commitment to character development, believability, and motivation for wrestling like Kingston does so well?

It’s funny you sent this as Mike Epsenhart and I talked about this in great detail in our show over the weekend.  Say what you want about how many topes Eddie can or can’t do but it doesn’t matter because he is BELIEVABLE.  He is a man.  He wants to win.  He wants to fight.  That is missing in a lot of workers today.  They want to perform, like it’s an art form, when they should want to make us believe they are fighting.  Kingston is great at doing the latter.

After watching Jericho vs. Kazarian a few weeks ago, I forgot how talented Kazarian was. Also, I marveled at the fact he is 42 and could pass as 32 due to his athletic prowess. How did he never get a 2nd chance in WWE to be a big star? Is he just a bad promo like Shelton Benjamin? Did he just never develop or stumble on a good gimmick to separate him from the pack of good workers? Due to his terrific conditioning and look, is there a likely chance Kazarian can finally make it to the top of AEW or WWE and achieve a late career, star-making run like AJ Styles was able to do.

I don’t know if WWE ever reached out again but it seemed like Kaz was happy where he was.  I can’t this for a fact but there are people that leave WWE and never want to go back.  Look at Mox, he was near the top of the card and walked away.  Quality of life (and sanity) means more to some workers than working for WWE.

Have you ever noticed that the women get the main event on NXT all the time but that doesn’t happen on all inclusive AEW?

Now that you mention it…..yes I have.  To be fair, the women’s division in NXT is far superior to AEW’s but if Joey Janela can get a main event, the women should too.

Watching NXT vs. AEW feels to me like watching Raw against Nitro when WCW was winning but sliding backward.  Do you think that is an apt comparison?

You could definitely point out similarities.  AEW has been the dominant brand while NXT has tried to build for the future and hasn’t hot shotted the way that AEW has.  Will NXT eventually overtake AEW?  To be determined.

How many Ultimate Warriors were there?

One, the artist formerly known as Jim Hellwig.

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