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By Mike Johnson on 2020-12-19 10:00:00

Do you think the Vince McMahon documentary will be an honest, "warts and all" look at Vince and WWE?

If Vince McMahon and WWE give the production company the ability to tell the story they want and remain hands off, I can see it.  Do I see WWE wanting to remain hands off?  Of course not!

Who wrote all of those "wonderful" theme songs in WCW before Jimmy Hart came to WCW in 1994? Did Jimmy Hart write all of the theme songs in WCW once he signed with WCW until it closed? 

A lot of that music was written by Michael Hayes and his partner at Grand Theft Records.  Pretty much all the early 1990s music from the WCW Slamjam CD era came from that partnership.  Once Hayes departed and Jimmy Hart came into the company alongside Hulk Hogan, he wrote all of the original music the company used when they weren't utilizing clone versions of pop music hits.

What was the story behind HBK replacing Jerry Lawler at the 1993 Survivor Series 1993 match against the Harts? Lawler had been feuding with Hart all summer only for it to suddenly end and have HBK put in his place.

Lawler took leave of the company due to accusations of statutory rape at the time.  The charges were later dropped.  While the case was ongoing, however, WWF wisely distanced themselves from Lawler.  He returned in March 1994 as a surprise announcer at Wrestlemania X and with the exception of the period he left in protest when his then-wife The Kat Stacy Carter was let go, he been with WWE in some capacity since.

Whose idea was it to have The Midnight Expresses (Heyman's and Cornette's tag teams) feud in WCW?  Didn't Bobby Eaton once work in Heymans ECW? As part of an angle with Arn Anderson, or am I thinking of SMW?

 Dusty Rhodes was the booker for Jim Crockett Promotions when Paul E. Dangerously/Heyman's  Original Midnight Express attacked Cornette's team of Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton in 1988.  It was a fun feud, but it didn't last long, partially due to Dennis Condrey disappearing from the business. 

Bobby Eaton appeared in ECW in April and May 1994.  In April, he was unmasked as a henchman for Heyman, helping Sabu defeat Terry Funk.  Arn Anderson then hit the ring to run them off, with the storyline being he learned of the plans and followed Eaton (who he was feuding with in WCW) to Philadelphia.  The four had an awesome tag match to headline the May 1994 When Worlds Collide event, which was Eaton and Sabu win after Arn turned on Funk.  I remember the match vividly as it was the first time I attended an ECW event and really, was the angle that led me to writing about pro wrestling for a reason.

Do you think Sasha Banks has started her exit run from wrestling to Hollywood?

I don't think so, unless it was a case of having to make the choice between one and the other full-time.  If Disney offered her a full-time role in a Star Wars series and WWE wouldn't give her the time off, then she'd have a decision to make, but thus far, obviously WWE has given her the window to make the appearances.  I don't think we are there yet for her to be looking to leave, at least if WWE is smart.  Banks was great in her second Mandalorian appearance, so hopefully there will be more to come!

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