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By Mike Johnson on 2020-12-18 10:00:00

There's been lots of reports and rumors that Wrestlemania will take place in Tampa next year and not Los Angeles.  What do you think?

I think that if California isn't letting Disneyland and Universal Hollywood open, it's silly to think they are going to let tens of thousands of fans congregate for Wrestlemania.  My guess is Tampa is a far stronger possibility, but it's just as possible Wrestlemania takes place in the Thunderdome in 2021.  Anyone who tells you ANYTHING is concrete in this environment is completely oblivious to how liquid things are due to COVID-19 until enough people are vaccinated.

I was watching some old wrestling matches on YouTube and couldn't help notice how loose the ropes were. Was this just the way they were or was it technically/practically not possible to have tight ring ropes back then? What changed to make them tighter, was it just a change of style, or was there some other factor (such as a safety) involved? And was it a gradual change from loose to the tight ropes we see today, or was it sudden (if the later, did wrestlers object to the change, or did they embrace it)?

In the old days, wrestling shows would be put on in the same rings used for boxing exhibitions.  So, the rings weren't made for use the way most professional wrestlers used them.  Like anything else, they evolved over time to the current WWE ropes, which are actually thick ropes wrapped in rubber or duct tape in many cases.   WCW and other promotions in the past have used elevator cable, but WWE always used thick ropes.

I know Kevin Dunn is seen as the production guru for WWE but if you watch footage taped in the 1980s, WWE's lighting and production jumped in a major way.  Was that due to Dunn?

I don't know that Dunn was personally responsible, but I have been told that Dick Ebersol from NBC (at the time) was very much involved in the production upgrades so that the Saturday Night's Main Event specials looked better on TV from a broadcast quality perspective.

Speaking of Dunn, if the day comes Vince McMahon is done, do you think he stays?

It all depends on three things - whether he wants to work for someone other than Vince, whether he wants to retire and move on or whether those who follow Vince want him to continue.   I think it's impossible to say 100% what someone else would do in a theoretical situation, but there's my guesses for what the major factors would be.

I saw WWE has an official credit card.  Do they send Irwin R. Shyster after you if you don't pay the bill?

Worse, the Boogeyman.

I seem to remember WWE tried out a gimmick for a masked man but it was actually a woman under the mask.  I know the idea went nowhere but do you recall who the woman was?

Yes, it was Shantelle Taylor aka Taylor Wilde.

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