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By Mike Johnson on 2020-12-17 10:00:00

What are the odds we get The Rock vs. Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania?

Zero, unless we have crowds in attendance.  There is zero way they waste a Rock return unless they can completely maximize all of his star power and make as much money as possible.

If they do the match, who should go over?

Roman Reigns.  No doubt about it.  If The Rock comes back and crushes Roman, where does that leave Reigns going forward?  While I get the idea of wanting a big Rock win, Roman is the best thing on the Smackdown side, by far, and I don't want to see WWE take the wind out of the sails of what has been and will continue to be some excellent work just for the one-night big pop.  They need to use Rock to build the future, in my opinion.

Did Jim Ross ever wrestle or was he always involved in management and commentating?

Jim Ross once headlined Raw in Madison Square Garden vs. Triple H, but he was never a full-time professional wrestler and that was a case of Ross being booked into a situation he probably wouldn't have chosen for himself.   Before announcing, Ross did work as a referee in the Mid-South territory before he segued into announcing and management roles for Bill Watts, WCW and WWE before becoming a consultant and announcer for All Elite Wrestling.

I am watching the Wrestling with Shadows documentary and wondered who was the kid who carried out the Canadian flag for Bret Hart at the Survivor Series of 1997 (Screwjob)?

I believe it was Bret Hart's youngest son Blade.

Also, I was watching "Rise And Fall of ECW" and Eddie Gilbert was walking to the ring with a crown. Why was that? I think it's probably because he was King of Wrestling of something, but how he did he earn or win that?

At the time, Eddie Gilbert was doing an angle where he was the "King of Philadelphia" as a takeoff of his idol, Jerry "The King" Lawler.  He crowned himself King after defeating Terry Funk in a "Texas Chain Match Massacre" at the first major ECW event, Super Summer Sizzler 1993.  

What do you guys think about Bob Caudle being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame ? He was THE voice of JIm Crockett promotions for years, but never got any real recognition on a national level like Gordon Solie or Jim Ross. I grew up watching JCP and I feel he deserves it. As always, thanks for the great work on your site.

Personally, I would absolutely love it. Caudle, to me, is one of the all time greats, and I loved being present when he was inducted into the NWA Legends Fanfest Hall of Heroes a few years ago. However (and this is sad), I don't think Caudle would fall anywhere near WWE's radar. Maybe one day if they hold Wrestlemania in Charlotte, but I really don't see this happening and as he gets older, like Ivan Koloff, Randy Savage, Vader and Kamala before him, we get closer to losing that moment altogether.

Had Brian Pillman had never been in that car accident and was still alive today were do you think his career would be now?

Assuming Brian would have signed with WWE even without being in the wreck, I think Pillman would have walked out with Bret Hart after the Montreal Screwjob if he could have.  Had WWE blocked him from leaving, as they did Owen Hart, he would have ended up a great heel foil for Steve Austin, the Piper to his Hulk Hogan, so to speak.  Had he remained healthy, my guess is he would have eventually retired, became a producer and would be overseeing his son in the NXT system.  Sadly, we will never, ever know.

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