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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-14 10:00:00

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I see people complaining about the WWE product and saying they are losing interest in wrestling.  Does that happen to you?

Honestly?  It’s hard to watch Raw most weeks.  It’s the same thing  over and over.  The Reigns stuff on Smackdown is good and I enjoy that.  But I am not losing interest in wrestling.  I love NXT UK every single week.  It’s great.  ROH is consistently strong, as is MLW.  And regular NXT is my Wednesday show of choice.  Impact has a lot of good wrestling as well.  So there are plenty of good things going on in wrestling right now to keep me interested.

Is there one match from last week that you would recommend me watching since I have lapsed for a while?

Taste in wrestling is subjective.  I like a combination of characters, the story that leads to it and the match itself.  Last week was easy for me, A-Kid defending the Heritage Cup against Tyler Bate.  The match was great, of course.  But the reason for it made it even better.  I loved the whole thing.  Great stuff.

What did you think of Paul Heyman’s comments to Big E on Talking Smack?

When I heard Big E do that promo, I said YES, more of that!  When Heyman then basically said that, and then some, I agreed with him.  E has sooooooooo much to offer that has not been tapped into.  I want to see him get a legitimate top push.  I think he is up to it.

Why does Vince McMahon call people up from NXT, put them on TV, then decide that they need to be retooled?  Doesn’t he watch NXT footage?  Doesn’t he trust Paul Levesque?

I won’t ever try to get into the head of Vince McMahon.  But you are right.  NXT develops talents and shows sides of them that are marketable and then Vince does away with most of them.  It comes down to vision.  HHH and Vince have different visions of what wrestling is, which is clear by the product that they produce.

The one that really bothers me is Keith Lee.  In NXT, and even in The Royal Rumble face off, Lee showed everything that makes him a star.  Then he gets to Raw and Vince took all of that away from him.  And it’s Lee’s fault how?

Amen!  That encapsulates the problem in a nutshell.  Lee showed what made him special to the world, and then Vince ignored it.  It’s like you have a great wide receiver in football and you make him a running back.  You are wasting what makes the guy special.  It’s crazy to me.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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