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By Mike Johnson on 2020-12-12 10:00:00

What happened to Tori who was with Kane in late 90's?

After leaving WWE, the only real news I can recall regarding Tori Poch is that she had opened up some sort of Yoga studio in the Pacific Northwest.  She has completely divorced herself from the business.

How much was the deposit on the NWA title if you were champion?

You had to put down a $25,000 deposit so that the company knew you weren't going to split with the title or take a payday to drop it outside of their plans.

Back when TNA was using the NWA belts did they have to put a deposit like past NWA  champions did and did they have to defend the belt in other NWA promotions?

No, they paid a one-time fee for the rights to the belts for a certain period of time.  When they violated that agreement, the NWA pulled the rights, setting up the crowning of the first Impact Champion.
I saw something on Baron Von Raschke. Do you think that he would of done much today? I thought that he had decent mic skills, But his finishing move the Claw would be kind of weak today. But, that is something that could be changed.

Chances are that the character wouldn't have made the same impact today, only because promoters wouldn't have the foresight to allow him to become such a unique heel.  The majority of promotions today look for comedy characters for offbeat roles, as opposed to making them blood-thirsty evil monsters.  So, while I loved the Baron character, I don't think it would work today, only because the environment is different and wouldn't allow him to succeed at the same level.  He'd still be the same great performer.

Before he was IRS, was it Mike Rotondo or Mike Rotunda? How Many ways can he spell his last name?

It's Rotunda.  WWF changed it to Rotundo for marketing purposes.


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