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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-13 10:00:00

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When a wrestler loses a title, what memento do they get in place of the belt?

Their paycheck.

I watched Impact for the first time in many, many years this week, due of course to the Omega appearance. Outside of a few matches, the wrestling was slow, sloppy and uneventful. You'd think Impact would have put on an outstanding show to retain all the new viewers. They celebrated 50K on Twitch as if that number impresses anyone outside of the Impact bubble. No idea what they usually get, but 50K seems very low. How would you grade Impact's performance?

For this week it had the impact, pun intended, that they wanted it to have.  Let's see how it goes next week.  If the audience stays up, it worked.

The Rock had a really nice tribute to Pat Patterson posted after Pat’s death. I noticed WWE didn’t include it when showing all the social media tributes. Something going on there or am I reading too much into this?

At this point I wouldn't read anything into it.  Rock has a huge following so WWE probably knew that that people would read what he had to say.

First let me start by saying the moments of silence and ten bell salutes for Pat Patterson were very classy. But were my eyes deceiving me or did I see Retribution out there? I get kayfabe gets thrown away for such an event, but that makes Retribution even weaker as a storyline, no?

I didn’t notice but in those kinds of situations I have no problem with WWE breaking kayfabe.  To me, the tributes are important and I am find with them breaking character for them.

What did you think of the Bayley-Sasha Banks feud as it is intense and personal and not catty like the LayCool-Natalya feud from ten years ago where Natalya mocked LayCool for the "nonexistent waist size?"

Their feud was great but you act like it’s something new.  It’s not.  I don’t know why you compare it to something from a decade ago.  You should compare it to recent times.

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