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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-12-08 11:14:00

If you’re a wrestling fan in search of someone sharing your passion, perhaps you’ve never entertained the possibility of meeting someone via a dating platform? But these are the outlets where you have the greatest chance of encountering someone compatible. Online dating has become such a popular leisure activity that, statistically, you are bound to come across your fair share of WWE devotees when you begin browsing through the personal profiles of other site users. So when it comes to seeking your ideal partner as a wrestling fan, what are the most recommended steps you could take? Dating experts from Iwantdating had asked their users this question and here is the result.

Home in on wrestling as a topic

One of the main reasons online dating is so successful is the way you can gain information about prospective dates before engaging in conversation. This is an excellent way of profiling other site users. If you’re looking for a fellow wrestling fan, someone to accompany you to arena events or join you when bingeing on the sports channels, this is where you can commence your quest. As well as being attracted to particular profile photos, you can check out hobbies and interests, making it a priority to find WWE as a topic. Some sites will allow you to tailor your searches – so set wrestling as a criterion.

Be affable in your introductions

No matter what type of person you’re aiming to contact via your favorite dating outlet, always ensure you are courteous and friendly. There’s no point in playing mind games or trying to appear a little ‘standoff-ish’ as you might have been tempted to do in an offline scenario, such as a singles bar. Be direct and candid. Get straight to the point of displaying your enthusiasm for WWE. Describe the performers you currently idolize and those you dislike. All wrestling fans have their favorites, but if your potential date prefers one of your rivals, you’ll just have to accept this. There’s a well-worn adage about opposites attracting!

Gauge the extent of the other person’s commitment

While it would be reasonable to state that all WWE fans exhibit degrees of fanaticism, some are more passionate than others. If you had intended setting your TV box to record Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania while you were unavoidably detained, only to discover you’d forgotten to do so, would you react with annoyance? Or would you display a monstrous meltdown? When heading to a stadium event, do you go along with your tickets, or do you also being homemade placards and banners, perhaps even a klaxon? The point is, this is never a competition. Don’t feel as if you have to out-do the person you are connecting with. As your relationship progresses, things might level out and you might eventually find yourself gravitating to their natural wavelength. But the chances are that your degree of passion is only going to increase if you get involved with another wrestling fan.

Appreciate what to chat and what not to chat about

As stated, all WWE fans root for their heroes/anti-heroes and the teams they compete with. Finding love as a wrestling fan might mean having to bite your lip if your other half comes on strong about someone who is the main rival. Don’t get involved in any slanging matches. If there are disagreements, treated these cordially, with tongue firmly in cheek. One of the most fundamental rules where finding love within WWE dating is concerned is appreciating the key competition events. Work your timetable around these activities accordingly. This should be an area you can both agree on.

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