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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-08 10:00:00

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With the covid situation and Impact and AEW doing a bubble type of thing then how is Kenny Omega able to appear on Impact?

He will be tested, just like he is when he comes in to Daily’s Place.  The talent is not inside a bubble like the NBA was.  They come and go from the venue.

Regarding the send off for The Undertaker. Was there anyone there you were surprised was there or on the flip anyone you thought should have been there that wasn’t? Also, do you think anyone who had their nose put out of joint by lack of invite to the night before?

The only people that weren’t there that I would have liked to have seen were top talents like The Rock, Steve Austin, John Cena, Kurt Angle, etc.  Logistics are probably the reason that didn’t happen.  I don’t know of anyone who felt snubbed.

Mia Yim was unmasked on RAW, making her identity even more blatantly obvious to everyone, yet the announcers kept only referring to her as Reckoning.  Why have her unmask if they intended to keep up the ridiculous charade, and why not make a bigger deal out of her unmasking?

You are making the assumption that you are watching Mia Yim on Raw.  Vince McMahon doesn’t work under that assumption.  He tells you that you are watching who he says you are watching.  Does it make sense, especially when Mia was working on the same network?  Not really but it’s WWE’s creative license to do what they want.

Speaking of the sorry state of Retribution, why would they have Ali berate Mia Yim for losing her match when essentially every other member of Retribution has lost every match they have been in since the group started?

I got nothing.  The group has been a bunch of losers.  She is no worse than anyone else, Ali included.  They have totally blown that whole faction.  It’s epically bad.

I recently saw online stats for all the bigger wrestling companies on reddit. The numbers seem to dwarf what everyone bends over backwards for when it comes to TV. It's 2020. Outside of WWE and NJPW, no other company seems to put much if any emphasis on the future (and present, hello!) of content consumption. Why is wrestling, even new companies, so stuck in the past when it comes to digital and monetizing their content online?

Businesses are successful when they monetize their product.  Look back at newspapers, remember them? They came online and started making their content available.  They found that they were making a small fraction from ad money that they were making from people buying the paper and ads they sold in the paper.  The reason why companies play to TV is because that is where the money is.  WWE makes FAR more from USA and FOX than they do from YouTube.  It makes sense to play to TV.  If they make it “easy” for people to watch content on their phone but can’t monetize it, it doesn’t do a whole lot for their bottom line.  In fact, it does the opposite.

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