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By Mike Johnson on 2020-12-04 10:00:00

 I was just on the WWE PC website and noticed that Steve Corino is not listed on there as a trainer/assistant coach, but they added Chris Guy, Sonjay Dutt, and Scott Armstrong.  Do you know what Corino's current role in the company is?

Corino is still with WWE and we are told he works as a Producer for the NXT brand. 

So first AEW formed a relationship of sorts with NWA via the latter's Women's division, and now it looks like AEW is partnering with Impact through Don Callis and Kenny Omega's new alliance, which really surprised me. AEW doesn't really seem to shy away from acknowledging and even promoting rival promotions; do you think this will be a scenario similar to how WWF boosted ECW in the late '90s? Or is it more of a "wrestling industry solidarity during COVID" kind of thing?

It may be similar to how WWE boosted ECW, but it's too soon to tell for sure.  I can tell you I have asked many on each side about it and they are keeping mum.  I went in great detail as to what each side could get out of this in my Elite audio update yesterday and it may be as simple as AEW wanting to try to and bring back some of that "WTF is going on" feeling that Monday Nitro used to have during its strongest run.

AEW's Winter is Coming was probably one of the best episodes of Dynamite produced so far, in my opinion. The booking and the card just seemed so balanced, well thought out, and Sting's debut and Omega's title win were just excellent. Your thoughts?

I was actually surprised the Omega-Callis thing seemed to somewhat overshadow the return of Sting.  Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross calling the return of Sting was nothing short of excellent and I think if you were a fan who loved WCW, this was a big moment.  Where it goes, I don't know, but the moment was excellent.  I thought Moxley vs. Omega was very good and I like that the company gave it a lot of time.  As far as the Impact thing, I am not sure how I feel about that yet and want to see where it leads, but it was a hell of a cliffhanger based on the response.  As a wrestling promoter, your job is to create interest and make money.  AEW nailed the first half of this on Wednesday night.  Sting is already making them merchandise money and we'll see how everything else goes. 2020 has been a HARD year, so I really wish we could see how this would have changed AEW's fortunes at the live gates, etc. But, Wednesday, the battle went to AEW, especially if it was the battle for getting buzz.

Where is Terry Funk?

He is home in Texas.  He's had some health issues in recent years and is sticking to home.  He's the greatest of all time and I hope he is doing well.

You answered a question recently about the infamous Sting vs Hogan finish at Starcade 97. I remember watching that live and I agree it started the downfall of WCW. What were Sting’s feelings about it in the immediate aftermath? And has Nick Patrick ever said anything about it?

I seem to recall Nick doing a shoot interview where he basically said he was in a bad situation and had to do his job.  The conspiracy theory has always been Hulk Hogan put pressure on Patrick not to do the three count, but Hogan has never admitted such.

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