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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-07 10:00:00

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Was it Randy Orton's idea to have his match against Drew McIntyre close out the 2020 Hell in a Cell PPV since Orton has some pull backstage?

I have not heard that and don't believe it to be true.  It doesn’t really work like that.

We all know how Vince McMahon feels about a Wrestler Union but any idea how his son-in-law and daughter and future heirs to the throne Triple H and Stephanie McMahon feel about it?  I know they are smart enough to not press the issue much, if at all, when Vince is alive and kicking regardless of their current views on it but when Vince does pass away, are they open enough to the idea to at least look into it to see if it works for both sides?  As a former wrestler, (I assume those days are more or less behind him now with the exception of maybe the occasional match), I would think Triple H would be as open to the idea as anyone. Stephanie..... not so sure.

I don’t see any possible benefit for the company to be the one who says to the talent, “Hey, why don’t you all band together, form a union and give yourselves a lot more power when it comes to dealing with us!”  Unionizing benefits labor, not management.  That is why so many companies have done all that they can to eliminate unions.  I don’t see anyone in WWE management or ownership being at the forefront of unionizing the talents.

What benefit is there for AEW to work with Impact?

The only possible benefit I see is that by doing the angle last Wednesday, it leads to a sustained ratings increase for Dynamite.  Other than that, it’s a great deal for Impact because they get exposure on a program that does 5 to 6 timed the viewership that their TV show does.  If there is something else AEW may be getting out of it, other than internet buzz, I don’t know what it is.

Has Sting fully recovered from the injury that ended his WWE career and/or will it be an issue at all for him now in AEW?  I assume he was checked out by someone for AEW before the contact was signed but still.

I can’t say.  His condition is private and due to HIPPA laws we won’t know unless he comments on it.  With that said, even if his spinal stenosis has healed, or even gotten better, he is 61 years old and there is a lot of mileage on his body.  I won’t lie, I am concerned about him wrestling, if that is what AEW will be doing with him.  I hope they proceed with caution.

Wait…War Games & Tribute To The Troops are both on the same day & time?

In some places, yep.  If FOX says to you, “We will air the show on this day and time” you say yes.  Plus with DVRs it’s not really an issue.  Record Troops and watch Takeover Live.

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