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By Dave Scherer on 2020-12-01 10:00:00

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When old timers like Arn Anderson say the "crowd used to pay to see us get our butts kicked", is that really true? Don't most fans go to live shows because they like the product or they take an affinity to various characters? I have been to tons of shows. I have never bought a ticket once to see a particular heel get their comeuppance. Nor, have I ever heard anyone mention that as a motivating factor to buy a ticket. Is Arn being a little self-indulgent here?

Not at all, you are being unaware of what the business was before you followed it. In Arn’s day, most fans did want to see the heel get what they had coming to them.  That changed in the 90s as the business became more open about what it was all about.  Now, sure it’s difference.  That is why Arn said that fans “used” to pay for that reason.

It’s often talked about amongst wrestling fans and on sites like yours how WWE doesn’t use NXT call ups well on the main roster, but Aleister Black!  Honestly how the hell do you mess that up?  I know the Zelina Vega situation has probably exacerbated the issue, but Aleister Black is one of the surest things I’ve seen in wrestling in a long time.  Do you agree, and is there anyone else who you believe has been used poorly that is an absolute sure thing?

Man, they really have used him badly.  He is such a special talent and he was presented so well in NXT and man, they blew it with him so badly on the main roster.  Did they blow it the most with him?  Maybe, it’s hard to say but I won’t argue against it.

Maybe I just need my morning caffeine but I understand just about everyone who showed up for the Undertaker farewell at the Survivor Series but I don't understand the Godwins and Kevin Nash being there.  Nothing against them but are they close personal friends with Taker like the Godfather is?  Just seemed a little out of place to me but obviously I am missing something that I don't mean to.

The Godwinns were friends.  Kevin Nash is a legend so I have no issue with him being there.

I kind of feel like the Undertaker Retirement ceremony at Survivor Series was a bit rushed. While great, It would seem to me that it would’ve been more special if they had waited to do it once they returned to performing in front of a live audience.  I know we have no idea when that will be but to me That would seem like a better way to go out for a man who has given so much of himself to the business. Retire in front of his adoring public So to speak. Your thoughts?

Like everything else they are doing, it would be better with a crowd, no doubt but business has to go on during all of this and it was a great idea to put a segment that fans cared about on the hardest quarter of the year to get people to keep their WWE Network subscription, so I understand why they did it.

Why did WWE take the title off of McIntyre to then have him win it back to face reigns with no build? Why not just keep Title on

McIntyre and give the match vs. Reigns a big build up?

I have no idea, totally none.  I wondered if they would use the brutality of the Raw match with Orton as a way to explain why Drew lost, but they didn’t.  I am guessing that they took the Title off of him to put it back on him before the PPV as a way to get a better third hour rating from Raw.  But, I am with you, I would have liked a longer build as well.

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