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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-30 10:00:00

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With this past Survivor Series, do you think we have seen the “Final Forms” of both Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre when it comes to presenting them as main event talents?

I hope not.  I like that both characters have evolved over time.  I hope that continues as I can see a lot of places both men could go as characters.

Is Roman Reigns versus Drew McIntyre a Survivor Series proof is that a main event can make or break a show?  And in this case, it made that show?

I wouldn’t argue with you on that.  The match was fantastic and while I really liked Sasha vs. Asuka and the Tag Title match, the main event was awesome and made the show.

When reading your Survivor Series predictions, all of you guys were apprehensive with the Roman vs Drew match, afraid it was happening too soon and thought neither one should do the job. But in the end, they tore the house down and while Roman went over, Drew stayed mega strong. With it all said in done, could you see this as invoking the old school wrestling trick of giving you a hell of match and a reason to pay to see it again?

My complaint wasn’t that it was happening too soon, per se.  It was that I would have loved to have had a month or two or three of build up to build anticipation.  The match itself wasn’t the issue we had, just that it was done too quickly, without build.

Should the main event of Wrestlemania 37 be Roman versus Drew, title for title, winner take all?

In a perfect world, that would be great.  But given that they have two TV Networks to satisfy, I can’t see it lasting very long if they do it and it would hurt it a bit to have one of the belts taken off that quickly.  I think they can get around that by having Drew get screwed out of the Title, maybe by Miz cashing in, then enter the Rumble, win and choose Reigns as his opponent at Mania the night he wins the Rumble.

With both Rollins & Reins on Smackdown, will anything be made of that, or will Creative conveniently forget about their past? And how can both characters, based on their storyline, survive on the same show? How do you think it will turn out?

WWE has shown time after time that events of the past are only remembered when they want to remember them.  I think at some point they will cross paths but how much of their past we hear about I can’t say.  If the decide to go with Reigns vs. Rollins instead of McIntyre, then we will probably hear a lot about it.

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