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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-28 10:00:00

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When are the Viking Raiders and Sonya Deville expected to return?

Ivar is out following neck surgery and is we have not heard a timetable for his return.  There is no timetable for Deville's return, obviously.

"Winter is coming."  Any chance Winter is actually a wrestler, and not just AEW letting fans know seasons are changing?

I would think so, either a wrestler or a stable or something.  They have pushed the "is coming" enough to make you think there is going to at least be a major chapter break here, so I hope AEW has something major up their sleeves.    I've noted on Elite audio a number of times that someone HAS to be coming, or else why even use the tagline?

Why did Eric Bischoff say the Hulk Hogan Netflix movie isn't official yet?

Technically, it's not.  I worked in that world before  There is an time period called pre-production, which is pretty much putting all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that will be your film together - those working behind the scenes, the major names that get attached to the film, having a line producer figure out the expected costs of production for everything from filming to props to locations, storyboarding the film, pre-selling the project to different markets based on the level of celebrity you have attached (think of it as similar to pre-sales for tickets; where the distributors in those markets put up money towards the production in exchange for the rights to those areas - they then try to make their money back by selling above and beyond what they invested, etc.) and tons of other pieces of logistical work that needs to be done before they can say, "OK, let's do this."  It is basically trying to get the plane into the air and it is a long, long, tedious process. 

Eric, we are told, was involved in a lot of the pre-production to help set the stage for things when the pull the trigger and move forward.  There is a LOT of heavy lifting done by producers just to will things into existence but COVID-19, as he pointed out, has changed the game and made it a lot harder to get things done.  Netflix is the primary backer here and we've seen them cancel GLOW out of fear of safety and health issues - and the Hogan film would have a lot of other similar issues, so it's better they wait until it's safe to go into production.  Until they pull that trigger, nothing is official.

Where is CM Punk?

I would guess Chicago, except for when he's doing MMA commentary, which he has been doing regularly on UFC Fight Pass.

Why do you mention the Mike Tyson Fight on the site?  It's not wrestling.

No, it's not, but neither are The Rock's movies.  I feel that if something branches off from pro wrestling, wrestling fans will care about it.  Mike Tyson is a  WWE Hall of Famer and has had a lot of memorable moments in pro wrestling.  He was in AEW not even a year ago, so he's part of the pro wrestling DNA now and fans care about him.  I don't think making mention of him returning to the very thing that made him a star and led to his WWE and AEW appearances are a bad thing.

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