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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-29 10:00:00

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During his WWE run, the "Made in the USA" version of Lex Luger had it all: the look, fan support, and a mega push.  So why did Vince McMahon never pull the trigger and put the title on him, when he was seemingly the perfect guy to fill the void when Hogan left for WCW?  Was it his in-ring work, which was superior to Warrior's?  Was it his personality?  Did he develop heat or have any issues behind the scenes?

Simply said, it didn't work due to Luger's lack of charisma.  Luger had the look but he didn't connect with the fans.  Vince thought he may be the next Hogan but quickly realized the charisma element just wasn't there.

AEW has really helped restore the prestige of tag team wrestling. They have at least 10 regular teams on their roster and often import talented unknown teams. Do you think AEW can support a secondary tag team championship, such as a TNT Tag Team Championship or even the revive the old U.S. Tag Team Championships? I think such a secondary title could help many of the talented teams - who aren't in the world tag team title picture or have a personal grudge storyline - to break out of the pack. The secondary tag title reigns can be short and/or hot shotted once in a while to spice things up, while the world tag team champions can have longer reigns with established talent. What do you think?

I am from the “less is more” camp where Titles are concerned.  I think one set of belts is plenty and don’t want to see another set.

Was the WCW TV Championship considered a lower tier title than the WCW U.S. Championship? On one hand, the U.S. Champion was the unofficial #1 contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and main evented house shows when the NWA World Champion would be touring elsewhere. Nonetheless, the WCW TV Championship was defended on syndicated TV frequently, is a considered "world" title, and had many of the same champions that were in the U.S. title lineage - such as Austin, Steamboat, and Sting. I really don't see a difference in prestige between the titles and an argument can be made that they are equal. What say you?

The US Title was definitely more prestigious.  The TV Title was created to have something that was routinely defended on TV because the promotion wanted you to pay to see the US Title defended on house shows and PPVs.

If you were Triple H would you tell young talent concerned about Vince’s booking to not worry because he is old and could die?

Uh, no, I would not ever say that to anyone if I were him.  I get the point you are trying to make but I would never say, “Hang in there kid, he will die soon”, for a few reasons.  One, it’s tacky.  Two, it’s unprofessional.  And three, Vince may outlive us all!

Beth Phoenix hasn't been broadcasting from ringside in a while, even though she is part of the live NXT broadcast every week.  Assuming the reason she is not ringside is due to physical distancing, where does she broadcast from, and why are the other announcers positioned right beside each other at ringside when Beth is not required to be there?

I believe she does it from her home.  Her doing the show remotely was a deal that she negotiated and the company agreed to.  As the mother of two young children, it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to be on the road, especially during a pandemic.

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