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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-27 10:00:00

In the wake of his passing, I saw a story floating around online that was formed because Bob Ryder had been so badly in debt that he could no longer afford to pay the staff.  I know the timing is crappy but I was wondering if you wanted to comment on that?

My comment is I can tell you that when we left 1Wrestling in 2004, I and the rest of the staff had been paid everything they were owed and I had been given a nice offer to stay and run the site, but I didn't want to break up the Beatles, so to speak.  It was totally about how that site was being governed at the time, a difference of philosophy that led to Dave Scherer asking for a contractual release, which he was granted by Joey Styles and Bob and then those of us who sided with Dave left because we felt he was right and in my case especially, I knew Dave would always have my back because he always had, even when he didn't need to do so.  In fact, I left for less money than I was being paid at the time and I wasn't the only one to do so - I can also tell you that the second Dave told me he was leaving, I told him I was going with him and I hadn't even gotten any financial promise from him, I was going sight unseen based on faith.  Bob wasn't perfect but for anyone to say anything negative about him within 48 hours of his passing is pretty classless in my mind.

Do you think ratings would go up for WWE if they went back to more adult oriented programming like in the Attitude Era?

Possibly, but there's no easy answer for turning the ratings around.  WWE has to make the audience become emotionally invested in wanting to see their performers and the storylines.  Hitting each other with trash cans and scantily clad women calling each other slanderous names isn't going to bring back the audience that has departed.

When Robocop appeared in WCW, was it actor Peter Weller?

No, it was an actor hired to make promotional appearances.

I am watching a WWE Network WCW Nitro Documentary and in it, DDP says Lex Luger was supposed to be on Raw but instead returned to WCW on the first Nitro. How did WWF not know Luger was going to debut then, since he wasn't backstage at Raw?

DDP's telling of the story on the DVD is incorrect. WWF Monday Night Raw was not on the air that week. Nitro debuted unopposed on a week Raw was preempted for the U.S. Tennis Open.  Luger had appeared on WWF house shows that weekend just before the jump but since there was no Raw that week, WWF couldn't have known where he was going until it was far too late.

I am reading the latest issue of [name deleted] and I was wonder how you feel about [reported deleted] filling his publication with story after story that you obviously broke without credit?

It's out of sight, out of mind for me as I don't read anyone else's publications or even their websites on a consistent basis.  I prefer to do my own thing and not let how others report or interview talents govern how I do my own work.  For that same reason, I don't listen to wrestling podcasts.  Now, I do think if it's something THAT glaring that you notice it, other readers probably do as well and well, it is what it is, but it probably doesn't come off well for that person.   But, especially in 2020, I can't waste my time worry about who credits me for what.  There are a lot other severely sad and stressing situations that are far more important.  Due to the pandemic, I haven't seen my parents in ten months.  That's something I worry about, not what you bring up.  We have a lot of folks in far worse positions, health-wise and financially these days - that is something that upsets me and stays on my brain, not Internet clout or credit.  

I recently watched "Ready to Rumble." Was the villain promoter supposed to be Eric Bischoff?

Yes - in fact when it was originally scripted, Bischoff was playing himself in that role.

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