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By Dave Scherer on 2020-11-26 10:00:00

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I was wondering where is Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel?  I know Curtis was released but haven't heard anything about him in other promotions.  And is Bo Dallas staying home cuz of the pandemic or creative has nothing for him?

Dallas is still under contract, just hasn’t been used.  Axel really didn’t have anywhere he could have gone other than AEW for most of the time he was released.  He’s 41 years old now.  I am can’t say if he even wants to keep wrestling at this point.

Do you think the situation involving Zelina Vega could be the final straw that leads to the eventual stepping aside of Vince McMahon? It has been speculated for quite some time that he is more out of touch with what wrestling fans want out of his product, and now the banning of third party platforms for his wrestlers would seem to put him out of touch with them as well. Like many, I am wondering what harm was done by these people making some additional income during a time when everyone is working hard to pick up whatever money they can. When even two of his top stars, AJ Styles and Xavier Woods can't sway him, I have to believe that much of the roster is going to be ready for a revolt of some sort, sooner than later. And is there any word on what HHH thinks of this? On the one hand, as a man high in the corporate structure of WWE I imagine he has to go along, but seeing as how he is much closer to the talent than Vince, can you see him being an agent for change of some sort? If WWE is ever going to position for the future, now would seem to be the time.

Vince has total control in the company, which is why the Twitch edict was implemented in the first place.  I don’t think it’s fair or just either, but wrestlers have shown that they aren’t big on banding together and revolting.  I don’t see any way Vince is forced out either.  So, everyone involved just realizes that they have to work under the conditions that he puts in place.

I am a new fan of the Young Bucks. However, while I was very entertained by their match with Top Flight, the action moved so fast, I feel like I couldn't process what story they were trying to tell, other than "young upstart almost upset the veteran champions in their first match". On the other hand, I felt like there was too much selling in the New Day - Street Profits match at Survivor Series, which made me feel they could have "done more" to deliver a PPV classic. Lastly, I felt the New Day - Hurt Business match they had on the Raw before Survivor Series, was the right pace and amount of selling, where the match was not boring and the pace was brisk enough to hold my attention. Do you think AEW wrestlers have a pace that is too fast for the audience to absorb the action? Or, do you think WWE has their wrestlers sell too much, where the audience becomes restless? Where is the happy medium of a tempo to produce a classic 4-star match?

What I think is this: What a fan likes and appreciates in a match is totally subjective.  There are people that will find every match you mentioned a four star match.  Rating a match is in the eye of the rater!  What a four star match actually is?  Well it’s totally subjective.

Leading into Survivor Series, you received some questions about making the Survivor Series' matches have more meaning or higher (or any) stakes involved, and I had an idea while watching the Raw after the event.  How about going forward, the reward for the winning team (both for the men's and women's matches) is for all five members to get a world title shot by taking the five slots against their brand's champion in the Elimination Chamber in February?  It gives the wrestlers an immediate incentive for wanting to team together, and the concept of elimination ties the two PPVs together in a sensible way.  And if one of the winning wrestlers' wins the Royal Rumble along the way, he/she can relinquish his/her spot if desired, and a match (or series of matches) could take place on Raw or Smackdown to fill the vacancy.

I like that.  Good idea!

I really enjoyed the main event at Survivor Series.  The match really had a big time feel to it with the top 2 guys.  With that said do you think it was too soon?  Should they have both held the titles for a year, dominated their respective brands, and then maybe battled?

I do think it was done way too soon and said so in The Tip Sheet and on audio.  With that said, they delivered a classic and I want to see them wrestle again.

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